What does your four year old eat?

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Ilikecheeseontoast Tue 04-May-21 21:11:47

In a typical day. And how much?

My beautiful little four year old is getting a little chubby I think. She was born on 50th centile weight wise and is now 90th. Have inputted her height and weight into the NHS app and she's borderline healthy weight/overweight. She's a really good eater (eats anything!) and is very active but loves her food maybe a little too much. Am just interested in hearing what other kids her age eat. Thanks in advance!

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MrsPworkingmummy Tue 04-May-21 21:15:39

My ds of a similar age has:
- breakfast of either poached egg on white toast with lots of lurpack butter or weetabix with honey and milk or cheerios

- mid morning snack of a cracker with cheese, thin celery sticks, cherry tomato and chopped raw carrot battons

- lunch of pasta shapes and peas. 2 oreos for pudding

- dinner of spaghetti with pancetta, mushrooms, pepper and cheese. Slice of cake for pudding.

Mylittlepony374 Tue 04-May-21 21:18:14

Today my 4 year old ate
- Fruit smoothie, bowl of rice krispies & milk
- small apple, babybel cheese, half slice toast with butter
- chicken curry and rice
- rice cakes and another smoothie
- half a family sized bag of salt & vinegar crisps shared with her brother
- handful of pistachios, apple and 2 slices of ham (refused dinner but agreed to this..)

I weighed her recently and she's pretty bang on centiles for her height.

NuffSaidSam Tue 04-May-21 21:22:50

It doesn't matter what other kids her age eat. What matters is that she's having a healthy diet for her height/activity levels. Lots of kids get a bit chubby before a growth spurt, so I wouldn't worry too much. Don't let her be hungry, but if she's eating high sugar/bad fat foods cut those out.

ellesbellesxxx Tue 04-May-21 21:24:02

A typical day for my almost 4 year olds:
Breakfast: Weetabix/bowl of porridge
Snack: Banana/apple
Lunch: Sandwiches/wrap/a few houmous crisps/apple
Dinner: Jacket potato with cheese/beans veg sticks or pasta with veg
Yogurt/fruit/maybe a little cake/ice cream

pastabest Tue 04-May-21 21:33:51


Small bowl of cereal at about 5.30am then a slice of toast and an apple at about 7.45


A ham sandwich (one slice of bread), a yoghurt, a piece of fruit, a babybel or a cheese string and half a packet of crisps (the other half goes to sibling).


A smaller portion of whatever we are having always with a dollop of ketchup. Things like cottage pie, lasagne, chicken and chips, fish pie, spag Bol, stir fry etc.

Snacks through the day - helps self to apples as and when they like. At weekends is allowed a biscuit/ baking at around 10am and again at 4pm if tea is going to be later.

She has stayed on the 50th centile since being born.

wellingtonsandwaffles Tue 04-May-21 23:16:21

My not quite 4 year old DS eats SO much!

Breakfast: adult size porridge with fruit and raisins (skimmed milk) and typically a piece of toast after too

Snack m: fruit / nuts / crisps

Lunch: egg or tuna sandwich, cucumber, olives, small box of crisps, selection of fruits

Snack: cereal / nuts / cheese / cucumber / fruit / biscuits / cake

Dinner: eats pretty much anything! Strong preference for carbs. Fish curry, chilli, fajitas, pasta etc, try and include at least 2 veg portions. Pudding if we have friends over.

Youvegotafriendinme Wed 05-May-21 05:20:19

My DS is 4.5 was born 98th centile and still the same. He’s very tall and slim and has a massive appetite.
Yesterday he ate:
Breakfast: glass fresh orange, large bowl of Cheerios, banana and a bowl of strawberries
Lunch: ham and salad cream sandwich (2 slices of bread) bag of crisps, baby bel, soren strawberry cake and 8 slices cucumber.
Dinner: chilli con carne with rice and a yogurt afterwards.
Snacks: apple, bear yoyo, small bowl melon, blueberries and sweet pepper

GenericUsername101 Wed 05-May-21 06:09:06

Mine is 99th centile for both height and weight, always has been.

Breakfast - fried egg on toast
Lunch - Half a PBJ sandwich, a boiled egg, half an apple, about 12 rice crackers with hummus
Dinner - breaded fish sticks, oven chips, sweet corn
Snacks - 2 mini banana chocolate chip muffins and a packet of crispy seaweed

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