12 week olds day time naps

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firsttimemum4 Tue 04-May-21 11:00:02

Hi! So my LO is 3 months old today.

We have been totally blessed that from around 9 weeks old she was sleeping long stretches at night, and now will sleep from about 8pm - 6am (hooooray!!) with a dream feed between 10/11pm.

She is the happiest/smiley baby I have ever laid my eyes on, and we are completely in love.

She has an amazing distinct day/night time awareness, and goes down without a problem at night after a feed and/or bath.

However, during the day she naps little and often, she will nap from anything from 10 minutes to an hour with usually 30 mins to 2 hours awake time. She wants to be cuddled to sleep for naps and then we can put her down (god forbid we put her down before she’s asleep grin ).

Alongside the long stretches at night without a feed, she makes up for this by cramming all of her feeds in in the day. Again, anything from 2 hourly to 4 hourly. There is literally no telling with what she wants to do that day!

Is this all normal? I’m more than happy to be on feed and cuddle duty what seems every 5 minutes during the day because she’s an absolute dream at night time.

Anyone else share any advice on how I can help her nap longer? Could it just be a phase? Any other experiences?

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Fitforforty Tue 04-May-21 22:03:13

It’s not the norm for such a young baby, or if your my under 2.5 years olds, to sleep well at night. It sounds like she is thriving on it and you get some sleep.

Frazzle76 Tue 04-May-21 22:13:57

Enjoy it and relax x

Pipperleen Tue 04-May-21 22:27:05

Mine was the same. One day she just decided she needed space for naps and didn’t want me to cuddle her to sleep anymore - maybe at around 3/4 months?
Still does short ones at 7 months but is stretching the lunchtime one more frequently now.

Sunny1112 Tue 04-May-21 22:30:16

She seems to be doing ok but if your wanting a longer day time nap do it in the buggy or car

smellywellies9 Tue 04-May-21 22:33:13

Sounds completely normal to me, just go with it and enjoy!
Can ask where you are putting baby to sleep at 8pm? Their night time cot in the bedroom or in the lounge? Are you with them the whole time?
I am currently in a dilemma with my 3 month old of where to put them to sleep whilst i am still awake and watching TV. I usually go to bed at 9:30 so just not sure what to do with them for that hour and a half

Milkshake7489 Tue 04-May-21 22:45:34

My little boy is exactly the same... sleeps like a dream at night but wants to be held and fed all day long grin.

I think the range of what's normal for babies is so wide it's impossible not to over think things. As long as she's putting on weight and seems well I wouldn't worry.

Astronaut8 Tue 04-May-21 22:47:54

@smellywellies9 I kept my LO downstairs with me and just brought him upstairs when I went up. It never disturbed him.

Youvegotafriendinme Wed 05-May-21 05:24:25

@smellywellies9 I keep my DD with me downstairs until we are ready to go up to bed. She falls asleep on me about 7:30/8pm and stays there.

OP my DD is very similar in that she sleeps very well at night but not so great during the day. Will have 10 minute naps here and there and some days will sleep slightly longer but never really had more than an hour from her unless I’m out walking with the pram. Seems perfectly normal I’d say

Piccalily19 Wed 05-May-21 16:37:48

I have a 3 month old too and he’s pretty similar. He wakes at almost bang on 30 minutes during a daytime nap, I’ve had a little bit of success if I brace myself just before 30 minutes and as soon as he stirs I lightly hold his hands and shush him and sometimes he drops back off for a bit longer.
And similar to a PP he also decided one day he was over being rocked to sleep. Might have been the week or so before we switched to bouncing him to sleep in his bouncy chair before we moved him to his cot when he was asleep. So he got used to falling asleep without us holding him.

firsttimemum4 Wed 05-May-21 17:02:14

Ah thank you all so much for your replies!

@smellywellies9 we usually let her sleep with us in the lounge/wherever we are in her sleepyhead however the past two nights we put her to bed in the next to me when she fell asleep and watched her on the camera. I found myself watching her more now she’s upstairs than when she sleeps in the lounge with usgrin

Ah, I do love having her cuddles and don’t want to complain but I pray for the day I get a little longer than 10 mins out of her and can get on with some jobs rather than sitting on my bum haha!

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