Adjusting to 2 kids (big age gap)

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ashamed1 Tue 04-May-21 10:59:45

Please can I ask for advice without judgment? Trust me I judge and beat myself up about this quite enough so while you're bound to feel I'm an awful person I don't need to be told this repeatedly.

I recently had my second child. DD1 is ten. Since the baby has been born my feelings towards DD have totally changed. I'm constantly irritated by her. We were so close but since I had the baby she seems so grown up but still acts like such a baby- doesn't remember to brush her hair unless I ask her, leaves her sweet wrappers everywhere etc and she constantly gets in the baby's face and winds her up after I've spent ages settling her. I spend most of my day having a go at her or silently seething. Found some articles on google which suggest it's quite common for your feelings to change temporarily towards your toddler when you have a new baby but obviously DD is older so she'll pick up on my feelings and remember this time more than a small child would.

I'm planning a girls night out with her when things open up a bit more and am really trying to handle my frustration towards her (hard when so tired and hormonal) Does anyone know how long I'll feel like this and have any kind advice on moving forward. Please don't be mean- I'm being hard enough on myself, trust me

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