Consequences for 2 year old bad behaviour

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pushingboundaries Mon 03-May-21 20:10:15

NC for this as I don't want this linked to some other threads.

I need some help please with what is appropriate consequences for 2 year old DS (well, 2 next month).

He's started getting wilfully naughty where he hasn't ever really before and I want to start creating some firm boundaries.

For example, he ran off yesterday when at a park (not a play park) and ignored me when I shouted him back. Unfortunately he was running towards a stream so I had to run after him and he thought it was really funny. As a consequence he went back in the buggy and we came home. But he did it again at a friends house in the afternoon.

He's taken to throwing food on the floor at dinner time. Today he wasn't allowed more melon which he was asking for as a result.

He's started hitting and kicking me when I'm trying to change him. My instinct would be to put him down on the floor but that's what he wants, and he'd happily run off which is somewhat counter productive.

Any and all ideas welcome - also any recommendations for reading!

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mrsed1987 Mon 03-May-21 20:19:41

My son is almost 2 and half. We tend to use consequences 'don't hit mummy or I'll put your train away' for example. It's working really well at the minute.

The running off is different, you just need to keep doing what you did today. Excitement gets the better of them

KangarooSally Tue 04-May-21 08:26:42

Try How to talk so little kids will listen.

He might be a bit young for it yet (book is for ages 3-7) but it could give you some ideas depending how good his language is. There's a story from a parent about how their kid kept running off in car parks and how they solved it - basically describing it as a problem they needed to solve together not with blame - and asking for ideas from the child and contributing some ideas themselves. They settled on the child leading the parent to the car by the hand as though they were lost.

pushingboundaries Tue 04-May-21 08:40:04

Thanks @mrsed1987 and thanks @KangarooSally I have ordered that book. His language is coming on leaps and bounds but it looks a good book even if I can't use the advice immediately

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BertieBotts Tue 04-May-21 08:47:54

You just need to make it very very immediate and related if possible, so things like leaving the park when you can't keep him safe there are good.

Also try to pre empt as much as possible and stay aware of what is a reasonable expectation for him. For example going to a park and a friends house in one day might be too much. Or if there's an area which is unsafe is it possible to block his access e.g. With a closed door or safety gate? That's not always possible but sometimes it is.

Also there is a lot of being boring and just holding the boundary without there necessarily being a consequence as such but just showing him that you won't let him go into the stream etc. As in physically preventing him and redirecting him to something or somewhere he is allowed to be.

I really like Janet lansbury's Podcast unruffled which is free to listen to. Not as keen on her book. Agree how to talk series is great as well.

Seeline Tue 04-May-21 08:48:14

Re changing - could you use pullups? He can be changed standing up then.

Running off - straight back in the buggy or reins.

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