18 month sleep regression...naps!!

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nadine6301 Mon 03-May-21 19:19:26

Hey, just wondering if anyone's littleuns naps were affected ?
Nearly 18 months and the last week goes down for usual nap at approx 11:30 but wide awake by 12.30 and just crys until I get her up..
Usually sleeps until 1.30 or 2 if she's extra tired.
Am putting it down to a regression ( because you know she always gets affected by every bloody one!!) but everything I read suggests it's night sleep ..?! Please no! shock

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BunnyRuddington Mon 03-May-21 20:48:40

Could 11.30 just be a bit early now that she's a bit older?

Have you tried keeping her busy in the morning and putting her down after lunch?

nadine6301 Tue 04-May-21 11:51:41

I have been thinking the same but nursery put her down later at 12.30 and she has never slept well there, only doing 45 minutes if we are lucky.
I was really just wondering if short naps are a thing..hoping actually!! I know their sleep habits change but it literally happened overnight.

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BunnyRuddington Tue 04-May-21 20:08:57

If Nursery put her down at 12.30 I'd go with that for now. She might just sleep for 2 cycles, until 2 pm, which sounds good smile

NewMum0305 Wed 05-May-21 12:11:27

Sleep at nursery is often shorter than at home so it doesn’t necessarily mean a later nap isn’t better x

FudgeSundae Wed 05-May-21 16:09:13

Could she be hungry? When is lunch?

nadine6301 Wed 05-May-21 16:40:42

I'm not sure it's the timing of her nap that's the problem and she's given a snack before and after so I'm confident it's not hunger. She just snaps awake bang on the hour and is crying/upset like she does when she's overtired. She looks like she wants to go back to sleep but can't/won't.
I will try a later nap if it continues but thinking it's another phase?!

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snowy0wl Wed 05-May-21 16:45:19

My daughter is a similar and only has one nap a day, lasting around an hour.

snowy0wl Wed 05-May-21 16:45:33

* similar age

nadine6301 Wed 05-May-21 19:23:18

@snowy0wl is this a new thing or does you're daughter usually nap only an hour ?

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snowy0wl Wed 05-May-21 19:43:29

Fairly recently. I think it was about 2 months ago when she transitioned from 2 naps to one nap a day. She will often sleep if we drive somewhere, which can affect the timings of her nap for that day. In case it makes a difference, we’re following baby-led rather than a fixed schedule and she doesn’t go to nursery yet. My friends who use nurseries try to follow the schedule of the nursery at home for consistency.

nadine6301 Wed 05-May-21 20:28:46

Same. Took a long time to transition but been on one nap approx 2 months now. When she had two naps they were 1.5 hr each and when combined to one will normally sleep 2.5 hrs. She also naps in cot only in the dark ( at home) and at nursery on mat in lighter noiser conditions so I understand her sleep will differ.
I know all babies/toddlers differ but when she doesn't nap well her night sleep is badly affected hmm

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nadine6301 Wed 05-May-21 20:36:37

Little one also naps longer over weekend seemingly to catch up from poor naps at nursery ( goes back end of the week) so I'd be loathe to change her timings to match the nursery.

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