Car Seat advice please.

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ThornAmongstRoses Mon 03-May-21 17:44:03

I’ve got a son who is just over 3.5 years old and weighs about 14kg. He’s only a little dot, bless him.

However, he’s been in a Joie Stages since he was young but now we are having repeated problems with the straps that I’m losing my patience with it. The straps are always getting twisted, which takes me forever to sort out every few days, and they just never seem to do to tight enough to the point where I feel my son is safe.

I’ve been debating over the last month whether to just get rid of it and try a different brand and today, after having spent God knows how long trying to untwist the straps again, I’ve decided I’m just done with it.

Can anyone recommend me a car seat?

Ideally we want him rear facing until he’s at least 18kg and we need a seat that doesn’t require Isofix.

Thank you in advance.

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JanuaryEl5ieBill Tue 04-May-21 05:55:15

We have a similar problem with our joie 360, although not often enough to annoy me into buying a new seat yet. It is frustrating!

We have an axkidd minikid, which is fitted using tethers, and rear faces to 25kg. No option to turn it though if you decide to ff your child before then and not cheap at about £300. We absolutely love it though and will be buying another one for dc2. It's roomy for them, comfortable, dc1 falls asleep on long journeys and has never complained about it (had it about a year now and have done some longer, 3 hour plus journeys in it). I'd recommend going to a shop for it as it needs fitting specially but after a lesson at the shop, we can do it ourselves and don't remove the tethers usually anyway.

ThornAmongstRoses Tue 04-May-21 06:33:04

The problem is that the car seat will need to be moved between 3-4 different cars so we need one that’s easily transferable and easy enough for grandparents to install which is why we wanted one that is just secured by the car seatbelt.

I can’t seem to find many that got that requirement though sad

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