What age did you face your LO forward in a car seat?

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Mamabear04 Sun 02-May-21 22:02:23

What age did you face your LO forward in a car seat?

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Tatum1234 Sun 02-May-21 22:22:29

Dc1 was 10m, dc2 was 3y, dc3 was 3y2m and dc4 was 4y.
Dc1 is 16 so extended rearfacing wasn’t really a thing then but all my others (now 13,9&6) rearfaced for as long as possible as it’s so much safer. Would never forward face before 3y.

Disneyblue Sun 02-May-21 22:23:47

18 months

Hohoholymoley Sun 02-May-21 22:27:20


Terminallysleepdeprived Sun 02-May-21 22:27:56

10 months but mainly because I was fed up of clearing up sick. She has never suffered travel sickness when travelling forwards but did horrendously (and still does on a train or bus) when backwards. The hv advised turning her and it was the best decision ever

NatalieH2220 Sun 02-May-21 22:35:34

Still RF at 4. No plans to FF anytime soon.

Pepperama Sun 02-May-21 22:35:55

About 4

jazzandh Sun 02-May-21 22:37:59

About 10 months or so - he hated RF and was travel sick. Once he was FF he seemed to love travelling in the car.

riddles26 Sun 02-May-21 22:38:10

4.5yrs and still rear facing. Planned to switch when started school in Sept but may wait another year as not growing out of seat anytime soon

jazzandh Sun 02-May-21 22:39:46

I would add, that in real life, I have not met anyone that has RF beyond 12 months.

Puntastic Sun 02-May-21 22:40:07

Not yet. Planning to RF until at least 4.

Undersnatch Sun 02-May-21 22:41:53

5. Have axkid mini kids that go up to 25kg, they are great.

Twizbe Sun 02-May-21 22:53:20

10 months with DS (pre law change) and 15 months with DD (post law change)

We're a tall family and couldn't fit the head rest high enough behind the front car seats

boydy99 Sun 02-May-21 22:53:46

LO is only 16m but plan to RF until he outgrows his axkid minikid. several of my friends RF their toddlers too.

sofiathe2nd Sun 02-May-21 22:54:48

6.5 years so far and she hasn’t outgrown her rf seat yet

welshweasel Sun 02-May-21 22:55:03

Eldest was 4.5 years - needed the minikid for little brother, who is still rear facing at 2.5 and will be until he’s at least 4.

welshweasel Sun 02-May-21 22:56:29

And yes I know lots of people in real life who rear face their 3 and 4 year olds, none of my friends have their 2 year olds forward facing

Doublechocolatetiffin Sun 02-May-21 22:56:31

4.5yrs for my eldest and my 3yo is still rear facing too and will be until she grows out of that car seat at around 4.5yrs.

Twizbe Sun 02-May-21 22:57:39

I know one person who really wanted to RF to 4 but had to FF at 2. Firstly she was way too pregnant to get her son into the RF seat and secondly he puked ALL THE TIME until FF

Fabuleuse Sun 02-May-21 22:57:46

Both just after turning 3.

AppropriateAdult Sun 02-May-21 22:58:30

4.5 with my eldest. No. 2 is about to turn 4 and still rear-facing.

minniemomo Sun 02-May-21 22:59:24

About 15 months, was normal then

Planty13 Sun 02-May-21 23:00:11

2.5 here and no plans to stop

Megan2018 Sun 02-May-21 23:00:37

We are still RF at almost 20 months. No plans to move until seat outgrown-probably at least 3, if not 4.

Sassy306 Sun 02-May-21 23:02:09

With my first DD 15 years ago I FF at 1 year old which I now cringe about 😑 Better educated this time around so DD 3 will rear face till she out grows her 25kg rear facing seat which given her charts shouldn't be till she's at least 5 😊

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