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Reusable wipes

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cheesebubble Wed 17-Feb-21 08:04:33

Hello, we're using reusable nappies but I've now also ordered Reusable wipes which have arrived.

We used them yesterday with a bowl and loved it for cleaning up poo but how do you do it when they're on the the changing table etc? I can't have a bowl of water on the changing mat and how do you use them when you're travelling.

Sorry if stupid I just can't crack it x

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bananamonkey Wed 17-Feb-21 08:06:15

I have the cheeky wipes which come with plastic containers for both clean and dirty then special bags for our and about? Could you look at these and get something similar

RLGGG Wed 17-Feb-21 08:08:08

We use cheeky wipes, they come with a sealed box to store them in, you fill with water and the oil and then just keep them next to where you need them. We really rate them and they last for ages in the cheeky wipes container smile

Boringnamechanging Wed 17-Feb-21 08:08:15

Cheeky wipe box and then take them out damp in a waterproof bag or if you're going to be changing in changing rooms they have a sink so I take them out dry.

whoami24601 Wed 17-Feb-21 08:09:07

It's a while ago now but I used to use a spray. Can't remember what but I'm sure there's recipes if you Google! Keep it near the change mat and spray it on the wipe when you need it.

firstimemamma Wed 17-Feb-21 08:09:16

I bought a Tupperware pot from pound land and fill it about just under a third full with water (and optional 2-3 drops essential oil). I add 15 or so cheeky wipes and then I've got a box of wipes ready to go. I've got a toddler and usually need to do this every other day. You can buy cheeky wipes pots from their website which have lines on which show you how much water to put in but I thought they were too expensive.

I've also got a smaller box with 3-4 wipes in for the buggy.

cheesebubble Wed 17-Feb-21 08:18:31

@bananamonkey @RLGGG @Boringnamechanging it looks as though I'm getting the cheeky wipe box!

Thank you!!

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Caspianberg Wed 17-Feb-21 10:46:10

Why can’t you have bowl on changing table?

We just use Tupperware with warm water on changing table, add wipes. Or just run 2-3 wipes under warm water and put in empty tub if you want to reduce risk of baby tipping if small table

Out and about - we just take the wipes dry. I always have a bottle of water to drink on me if needed, but 99% of the time I just take him into somewhere with toilet and sink to change.

I have a pack of those thin 10/12 disposable travel wipes in bag as emergency ( only on second pack in 9 months).

It’s easier taking dry IMO as bag can stay packed, if wet you have to reempty and fill every day or so otherwise they would go musty.

If you already used reusable nappies you don’t need any extra wet bags out as just Chuck dirty wipe in with dirty nappy

Superscientist Wed 17-Feb-21 10:54:48

We do our changes in the bathroom so just run them under the tap.
I have a sports bottle with water in for when we are out and about, we used this around the house when she was a newborn and we kept the nappy stuff in which room we were in.

Planning3457 Wed 17-Feb-21 10:58:17

I just keep mine dry and run them under the tap before a nappy change with warm water. I use a Chinese takeaway tub without the lid just to stop the damp getting to anything I don’t want it to while I’m changing the baby and to store ones that have been used for a wee, rinsed and are good to go again.

Out and about I keep them dry, wet them in the sink and use a wet bag to store dirty ones till we get home.

I keep a small pack of normal wipes just in case I’m somewhere without a tap.

Grovia are the best I’ve found, it’s very rare you need a second one even with a disasterpoo.

cheesebubble Wed 17-Feb-21 11:23:40

@Caspianberg if my baby was a baby, it would be fine and there'd be enough space on the changing table I suppose which there really isn't. My baby is already 2, stands up, sits up, will grab the bowl etc and we only really just started using them 2 weeks ago but expecting number 2 in May and will use them from birth (got the newborn ones already). We will start potty training him in April over Easter as we're both off work for a good 10+ days.

I'll have 2 changing stations because my son will only be 2y4 months. I will use the cheeky wipe one as the PP said as this way it's like using disposable wipes and they are damp in the container which seems to make sense, it's already ordered. I genuinely think I need to be a lot more organised having 2 rather than just 1 to look after.

I like the idea of when being out and about using the water I drink though.

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Caspianberg Wed 17-Feb-21 11:45:28

@cheesebubble - oh I understand, whatever works. Mine is also walking so not lying still age. Like I said I now wet the wipes each time and then put in empty Tupperware so the wet cloths are semi in something. That way the wipes are warm as Ds isn’t a huge fan of cold wipes. He often has a wet one on his face whilst I use another.

Phiphi123 Wed 17-Feb-21 12:41:38

Just buy a mini spray bottle and mix up some water and a tiny bit of baby wash or whatever you use to spray the wipes wet when you are out and about. You can buy water proof wash bags from pharmacy shops to put dirty wipes in for about £1 and they can go through the wash too

Whalewithnosnail Fri 19-Feb-21 07:35:49

Just run q couple under the tap before you do the change. We used a cheeky wipes box when they were all little but out youngest is 2 and we don't really need enough wipes to.justify keeping a wet box full now.

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