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Activities to do?!

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Roo060720 Tue 16-Feb-21 15:32:44

Hey everyone!

What activities can I do with my 7 month old?

I try tummy time, bouncer, toys, bubbles, floor play and when I look at the clock only like 5 minutes has passed😓. I take him for walks too.

I'm so lost on what to do because sometimes he's just happy being in his jumperoo watching tv and then I feel like a bad mum because he's just in his jumparoo bouncing whilst I'm sat down😥.

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kittehmoma Wed 17-Feb-21 03:45:12

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Motherofmonsters Wed 17-Feb-21 05:58:08

Sounds like you do lots, you don't need to fill the whole day with activities.

If they're happy I wouldn't worry about leaving them to it.

I used to leave a circle of toys around them and then let them explore each one.

You could do some messy play, jelly, crushed cereal are good ones.

You could put blobs of paint on paper and then put cling film over for them to squish about.

Potterythrowdown Wed 17-Feb-21 07:30:45

DS liked a treasure basket, stacking cups and emptying the kitchen cupboards at that age.

becca3210 Wed 17-Feb-21 08:38:46

'Baby Development Group by the Sensory Sessions' is a great Facebook group for ideas.

My 10 month old likes to play with a selection of household items - wooden spoons, plastic cups, sponges, whisks etc.

Messy play - oats jelly crushed cereal to make 'sand'

Playing with shiny objects - mirrors etc.

Music instruments and shakers (bottles with rice/lentils etc.)

Playing with farm animals/zoo animals making the animal sounds

Stories and nursery rhymes (the baby club on bbc i player and YouTube is good)

Water play with a baby bath or deep tray

Theming toys by colour or material

scrivette Wed 17-Feb-21 08:44:48

It's fine for him to be bouncing away in his Jumparoo as long as he is enjoying it.

It sounds like you are doing lots with him already and some good suggestions above, otherwise you could go for walks around the garden if you have one to watch the plants/trees waving in the wind, give him a bath just to splash around in, sensory play with different textures and materials and at that age I found that eating and snacks took up quite a lot of time too.

becca3210 Wed 17-Feb-21 09:48:45

Forgot to say jumperoo is a saviour so don't feel guilty about a bit of jumperoo time 😀

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