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Group swimming classes for baby- £24 for 30 mins, would you do it?

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Peridotty Tue 16-Feb-21 04:41:58

I'm running out of ideas on how to entertain my 8.5 month old at home. I live in Boston, US where everything is expensive!
Do you think swimming lessons are beneficial for baby? They cost $32 (£24) per 30 mins class. Sounds like a lot to me! Is it worth it though?
Should I just fill the bathtub with water and get her one of those floaty neck rings?
OR please give me ideas on how to entertain a baby at home. Museums are closed, there are no baby and mum groups, and it's snowing outside! Thanks!!

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Stepawayfromtheminirolls Tue 16-Feb-21 04:48:39

Are pools open normally in Boston? I didn't take my DD to classes, but took her to open sessions at the pool - much cheaper! £24 sounds on the expensive side of expensive too me, local friends pay about £16 per session. Have you tried looking for online baby classes? In the UK we have Baby Sensory, Hartbeeps and Moo Music to name but a few, I'm sure there must be some US equivalents.

Peridotty Tue 16-Feb-21 04:50:47

Yes they're open! I know, they're so expensive! Only 3 babies per class and everything is made super clean. I looked at 2 near us and they charge the same. We live in an apartment with a free outdoor pool which is only open in the summer. Do they do anything different with the babies in a group class? Is there any benefit to her going swimming now versus in the summer?

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Peridotty Tue 16-Feb-21 04:51:40

@Stepawayfromtheminirolls £16 still sounds quite a lot to me haha.

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Cormoran Tue 16-Feb-21 04:51:42

Go to the pool on your own with her? That price makes no sense.
-Fill the bathtub
- rip some old magazine and make paper chain with her
- blow 20 balloons
- make treasure baskets
- make a pasta snake (piece of string, 10 penne pasta , and have her catch it
- blow bubbles
- read, read and read some more
- tidy your wardrobe pulling ALL clothes on floor and play peek-a-boo in the pile
-read again
- music and dance
- spend those 32 on balls for a ball pit

Peridotty Tue 16-Feb-21 04:54:48

Thank you for those ideas!! You know what, it actually never occurred to me to go with her to a pool (doh!!) Maybe I should just do that haha
She doesnt like it when I read to her (she cries lol).
We got the ball pit balls 2 days ago, she doesnt seem very interested in staying in the pit but likes to chew on the balls.

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Peridotty Tue 16-Feb-21 05:02:50

@Cormoran it seems like swimming pools are only open for laps sad not for babies I presume.

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Cormoran Tue 16-Feb-21 07:51:10

You don't have to use a toy for its intended purpose. If she doesn't get the ball pit, play pots (with lid) and bowls on floor, and move balls from one container to another. Hide a ball under the lid, put all the blues in one, the red on the other, throw balls in the bowl, flip balls, put balls from one container to another and so on.

Don't worry too much about the pool. My last child (of 3) never went to any baby or toddler swimming classes and now is a competitive swimmer at state level in Australia, and my other two can't be bothered.

Peridotty Tue 16-Feb-21 12:12:58

Thank you! That’s awesome! Where do you get your ideas from? You sound like a creative mummy!

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YerAWizardHarry Tue 16-Feb-21 12:15:29

I pay £23 a month for council run swimming lessons for my son. He is older but I think its a set price regardless. Seems like a good deal compared to the likes of Waterbabies/Turtle Tots

YerAWizardHarry Tue 16-Feb-21 12:16:14

Just realised it's per session rather than per month. That's crazy!!

Cormoran Tue 16-Feb-21 17:58:47

For the reading, don't force it but make sure that everyday, you sit with her on the sofa, your bed, and it is "reading time" for both of you . You take a book (not a kindle , iPad, ...), she has a lot of books next to her. You don't read to her, but she sees you reading, and then you sometimes says, ol, look at that tiger, and what is behind that page, .... before going back to your book. '

Or create YOUR family book. Print and paste pictures of her, her parents, a tree, a cat, a dog, her grand parents, your kitchen, the bath, .... and you make two holes in A4 papers and keep the paper together with string and you create your story making her part of creating the book. She selects the picture, you glue it, some pictures you can cut in a bubble/cloud shape, ... and when the story is finished you read it to her.
IF it is something she likes, repeat with other picture, and DD is always at the center of the story.
Later when she is ready and sees you a lot reading, she might join.
Not sure if bookshops or library are open were you are, but let her see the books, pick her book (even if is the worst one ever written) and hold and then take it home.

Winifredgoose Tue 16-Feb-21 18:05:16

I did loads of classes with my children, but this was one I simply couldn't understand. I think it is a total waste of money(it cost similar in London).
Just have warm baths, and take swimming somewhere warm when older/you fancy it.
Going swimming with a young baby is a total faff anyway, with you both having to get dressed/undressed. I would only go it you are desperate for things to do, and like the idea of those novelty photos of your baby swimming underwater(they are quite cool).

Wherehaveiputmywine Tue 16-Feb-21 18:21:31

I live in westchester, NY and the swim lessons here since Covid have gone up a lot in price. I pay $50 for a half hr session with Swim Tank. It is a 1 to 1 lesson and there are only 6 lanes being used in the pool, one for each child. Pre covid there would be 2 to 6 kids in 8 lanes, so their capacity has shrunk massively but the costs remain the same.
I expect the cost to reduce as we hopefully loosen some of the restrictions.
When I lived in UK, I didn't do swim lessons for my eldest as we were not near water and chances of him needing to at his age were small.
When I moved here I signed him up as there is so much water; pools, sea, lakes, rivers near us.
The classes are great and the babies/kids just adapt really quickly and learn to be comfortable in the water. My youngest has been going for 3.5 yrs and loves spending more time under the water than on top of it, he knows back stroke, freestyle and breast stoke and can tread water for 5 mins.

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