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Trying for a second?

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1to2 Sun 14-Feb-21 10:35:40

We’ve pretty much decided to start trying for our second and I am equally excited and terrified!
DD is 20 months and was (objectively) an easy baby even if it didn’t always feel that way. Sleep was generally good, breastfeeding was a dream, starting on solids was easy etc. And yet I still struggled, I had PND. I worry about having a not so “easy” baby and what that will do to me! And sometimes I just turn to DH and say “just imagine this (gesturing at general mayhem DD is causing) but with a baby as well!”

Are these normal worries? Or a sign I’m not ready/should stick with one? I almost have a sense of thinking I should quit while I’m ahead! But I do want a second, and would love for DD to have a sibling. But I’m almost more nervous about a second than I was about our first.

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BunnyRuddington Sun 14-Feb-21 10:50:34

Is there more to you wanting a second child than giving the first a sibling?

Letsallscreamatthesistene Sun 14-Feb-21 15:10:15

My DS is labelled an easy baby too, but I still had PNA.

Im not having a second because I nearly came apart with one 'easy' baby.

Do you want a 2nd deep down? Or do you feel you 'should' give you DD a sibling?

2020newmum Sun 14-Feb-21 15:44:10

I was always keen to have two but having had one, I now realize that I'm not sure I could cope with two. I've had a similar experience to you in that DS has been a relatively "easy" baby, but I've still found the complete change of lifestyle so so hard! The only reason I'd have another is because I feel I should give DS a sibling. I'm still undecided on that one.

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