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Sma Anti reflux milk vs Gaviscon

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Dspx Thu 21-Jan-21 21:23:50

Hi looking for some advice/experiences please. My little boy has been diagnosed with reflux I am breast feeding plus giving 2 bottles of formula a day. I have made the decision to go to formula full time as this is what is best for him I haven’t started this yet. Our GP has said I can try on anti reflux milk but she had also prescribed gaviscon for when I breast feed. He has been having the gavison for 4 days now we haven’t yet tried the reflux milk as didn’t want to give him to many different things all at once. Ever since he has been really constipated it is really hurting him. We were advised to give him a bottle of the ready made formula as this will help him go to the toilet we did that today and has worked well and he has now been. I have bought some reflux milk but they don’t do a anti reflux ready made and we have been advised not to mix formulas. I don’t really know what to do for the best stick with his normal formula and keep adding the gaviscon and giving one ready made a day or try the reflux milk and drop the gaviscon. Any one used Sma anti reflux milk did your little one suffer with constipation. I hate the idea of giving medication to him when he’s so small but worry if I change to the reflux milk the one thing we know helps his constipation we can’t use anymore so he might end up in more pain. Hope that makes sense xx

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Gettingonabitnow Thu 21-Jan-21 21:28:19

Honestly stick with the gaviscon - I’m two children in and tried every milk going. Yes it will make them a bit constipated but On balance we chose that over the reflux. Try tummy massage and bicycle legs to help with the constipation x

Vicky1989x Thu 21-Jan-21 21:48:42

I’d stick with the gaviscon too, I found the anti-reflux milk absolutely vile (I use SMA). My baby is 8.5 months and has been on gaviscon since she was 5 weeks old. It did make her constipated in the beginning but the doctor prescribed lactulose to help with that, but since weaning she doesn’t need it anymore - if she gets a little constipated I just give her pears or prunes.

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