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Feel so guilty. Made my baby cry

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ApplesandAnimals Thu 21-Jan-21 19:46:48

Not on purpose. I was talking to DP about him snoring last night whilst the little one was wriggling on a blanket on the floor. I imitated DP’s snoring and suddenly we just hear this high pitched scream. He got so scared by the noise! Screamed at an unbelievably high pitch for about 10 minutes. Only consoled by a bottle, and kept breaking off to scream a bit more.

When we took him for his last round of immunisations the nurse commented that she had never heard such a noise come out of a baby before.

Anyone else do something that made them feel this guilty?! Also anyone else’s baby have an ear piercing shriek? He is 5 months old.

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HeelsHandbagPerfumeCoffee Thu 21-Jan-21 21:50:12

Your wee baby got startled and howled his displeasure. It happens
Don’t give this a second more thought

Sls668 Thu 21-Jan-21 23:05:40

I cut my baby’s thumb with the clippers a couple of weeks ago. She screamed and bled a lot. I still feel bad now and haven’t cut her nails since!

Ohalrightthen Fri 22-Jan-21 11:06:20

If your baby is 5 months old and this is the first time you've ever startled/upset/bumped/scared him and made him cry, you've done a lot better than I did, and a lot better than any parent I've ever met.

Restingpotato Fri 22-Jan-21 11:27:30

My daughter also hates snorting/snoring noises, I found this out when I was singing old macdonald had a pig and snorted her face crumpled and the tears came! I wonder what it is about that noise?!

DriftGames Fri 22-Jan-21 11:48:41

When DD was about 5/6 months, she was sat in her high chair as I was cooking, I was on a video call to my mum and my DH walked in and shouted something to my mum (a joke, not angrily) not knowing DD was sat with me and she absolutely lost it. We laughed so hard. He felt awful but she was fine, just startled!

We sound like awful parents reading back, but she's now 14m and very happy, no lasting damage!

YesILikeItToo Fri 22-Jan-21 11:57:01

I once shouted at dd so loudly that she fainted shock. She was very small, I don't think she holds it against me.

ApplesandAnimals Fri 22-Jan-21 11:58:52

I’ve definitely startled/bumped him before, but this is the first time he has had such an extreme and disproportionate reaction. Especially for something seemingly innocuous, as you say @Restingpotato!

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Ohalrightthen Fri 22-Jan-21 11:59:57


I once shouted at dd so loudly that she fainted shock. She was very small, I don't think she holds it against me.

WTF? Please don't shout at "very small" children! Or anyone at all.

Also, loud noises causing fainting can be a symptom of inner ear disorders, so if this was at all recently, please take her to the GP. And don't shout at her! There is no need.

ApplesandAnimals Fri 22-Jan-21 12:00:49

It’s good to know I’m not the only one!! @YesILikeItToo shock

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TrashKitten10 Fri 22-Jan-21 12:02:51

In the kindest way possible, I think you need to harden up a little bit, no need to feel guilty for making a noise that startled your baby. Save the guilt for when you accidentally bang their head on the door frame or let them fall off the bed grinwink

ShirleyPhallus Fri 22-Jan-21 12:05:10

Omg @YesILikeItToo!

ApplesandAnimals Fri 22-Jan-21 12:11:35

@TrashKitten10 I absolutely agree, I am a complete anxious wreck whenever he cries and need to find ways to deal with it, it’s been an issue since he was born tbh

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TimeIHadSomeTimeAlone Fri 22-Jan-21 12:15:20

I remember mine being like this when DH would sneeze! You do feel awfully guilty, but it's a bit funny too.

I still sneeze quietly now, and it's years since I had a baby to startle.

PolloDePrimavera Fri 22-Jan-21 12:15:31


I cut my baby’s thumb with the clippers a couple of weeks ago. She screamed and bled a lot. I still feel bad now and haven’t cut her nails since!

DH did this when DS8 was a tiny baby..! The poppet has forgotten all about it.

Aria999 Fri 22-Jan-21 12:39:56

Oh bless him

I have a very loud sneeze. It made DS cry when he was a baby 🤣😢

Autumn13 Fri 22-Jan-21 21:35:47

Much more of this to come! Me laughing, sometimes singing, certain tones of music, the specific sound of the hoover pipe, coughing and more has resulted in my DD crying tears. It just happens.

sqirrelfriends Fri 22-Jan-21 21:45:55

I was coming here to say the same thing @Sls668. DS still hates having his nails cut and part of me wonders if he can remember.

As well as cutting my baby's finger I also banged his head into a doorknob while I was carrying him in a sling. I still feel horribly guilty now but he's perfectly fine.

Sheleg Fri 22-Jan-21 22:56:14

Sometimes when DH blows his nose loudly, DD gets startled and starts crying blush

Mischance Fri 22-Jan-21 23:11:57

I did something similar with nail clippers to my baby - the tip of her finger came off! - it grew back in about 24 hours. It is miraculous how the cell division in utero continues after birth.

I once dislocated my DD's elbow swinging her round....bit embarrassing really as I was a SW and my OH a GP!

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