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Dairy free formula/neocate spoon

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LittlePetal82 Sat 23-Jan-21 11:57:09

So I've tried the dairy free formula and he's refusing to take it. Just got my DH to try some (I don't like milk) and he said it's disgusting and was almost sick! Any tips for getting a 9 month old to take dairy free formula? I tried adding a bit of vanilla essence and he still won't drink it.

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LittlePetal82 Tue 19-Jan-21 21:30:29

@Bugbeau Thank you. I did wonder if it was a cost thing as I know it's very expensive but GP said it wasn't that. That's useful to know about the calories, I hasn't really thought too much about it filling him up so much he might go off solids. I'm picking up the dairy free formula tomorrow so I'll see whether takes it or not.

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Bugbeau Tue 19-Jan-21 19:45:49

Hi, sorry to hear your little one has been suffering. My daughter was prescribed neocate spoon, she did have a dairy allergy but had also got very unwell at this point and her digestive system was not processing any food properly. It was prescribed by the hospital and was all she could tolerate in terms of solids. My understanding is that it is very expensive to prescribe and so would only be prescribed if a child was unable to tolerate other foods. It is very sticky & very sweet and also very high calorie for a very small amount so may fill him up too much to eat other foods, it really isn’t an ideal substite when they can eat other solids. I would try the dairy free formula first.

LittlePetal82 Tue 19-Jan-21 15:25:46

My 9 month old was EBF until he decided to go on a nursing strike about 3 weeks ago. Ive always suspected he might have a dairy allergy as he was always much more unsettled whenever I had eaten a lot of dairy so I largely cut out dairy in my diet. Now he’s refusing to BF, I’m reluctant to give him formula for all his feeds because of the dairy issue but a dietician has told me oat milk won’t give him all the necessary nutrients. Someone recommended neocate spoon which is apparently a sachet I can give him alongside oat milk which would give the necessary nutrients. However, dietician has said I must try dairy free formula instead. I’ve heard that dairy free formula tastes disgusting so, having had oat milk and breast milk, I’m not sure he’ll take the dairy free formula. Has anyone got any experience of switching to dairy free formula at this age (9 months) and/or of being prescribed neocate spoon? I should say he’s doing well with solids and I’m giving him replacements which are fortified with calcium and trying to give him a varied diet etc.

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