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DS constipated - should I stop the solids?

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2020newmum Tue 19-Jan-21 11:18:32

My DS is 9 months old. He's never had constipation before but is struggling at the moment.

He was straining really hard yesterday to the point where he started to cry, and then did a small (but soft and formed) poo.

Today he seems to be struggling again and I think he has more to pass.

Would you continue giving solids in this situation or should I hold off on the solid food until he's had a "clear out" and just stick to formula and water?

I did give him a prune pouch last night plus some pureed pears for breakfast to try and help things along.

Thank you!

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ssd Tue 19-Jan-21 11:19:53

He needs more water.

But contact the go first. Or health visitor.

Thatwentbadly Tue 19-Jan-21 11:35:38

I would just keep giving pears, peaches and prunes.

2020newmum Tue 19-Jan-21 11:48:48

I would just keep giving pears, peaches and prunes.

@Thatwentbadly would you give that in addition to other food or just give pears, peaches and prunes only?

I've been giving him water but it's always a struggle - he did have about 60ml this morning though with his pears.

Is prune juice worth a try as well or is the puree just as effective?


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MardyBicardi Tue 19-Jan-21 12:07:38

I agree with pp suggestions of more fluids.
Prune juice is incredibly difficult to give to them because of the taste.
I would keep going with water and fruit.
I had a constipated child and remember how worrying it was. I do remember doing baby massage to help but can’t remember how and what it was.
Your HV would be able to guide you on what to do.

Thatwentbadly Tue 19-Jan-21 12:16:00

Just those foods.

LaceyLou42 Tue 19-Jan-21 13:28:19

You can get puréed prunes in the baby aisles in supermarkets, you could add that to some porridge or something, but water is the best thing even if you give it to him in a bottle, and warm baths seem to help mine when he’s constipated

2020newmum Tue 19-Jan-21 13:34:15

He’s finally gone now - the poo was more solid and “sticky” than usual but not hard pellets. Hopefully that’ll be the end of it!

I am going to really work on increasing his water though.

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