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How to take snot out of a 2week olds nose

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Vicky1989x Tue 19-Jan-21 09:37:41

I second the Nose-Frida - best thing I’ve ever bought. It looks scary (and disgusting) but it’s amazing honestly. Just use either a saline spray or drops first to loosen the mucus and then suck the snot out.

Secretroses Tue 19-Jan-21 06:18:32

Nose-Frida baby snot sucker. Best investment ever! Amazing...

maras2 Tue 19-Jan-21 06:15:12

Read Angela's Ashes. envy Not envy.

HeyGirlHeyBoy Tue 19-Jan-21 05:42:53

Baby nose clear, a sucker, was fantastic here. Such satisfaction!! Boots.

grey12 Tue 19-Jan-21 05:41:46

Another vote for baby saline spray

HighInTheHills Tue 19-Jan-21 05:37:49

The saline sprays by the way (the boots baby one is the best as very gentle mist that sprays out) are better than drops.

My baby doesn't complain at all, have also tried it with my older two and on myself to check and doesn't feel uncomfortable or unpleasant at all. Used separate bottles for everyone of course to reduce chance of spreading germs

HighInTheHills Tue 19-Jan-21 05:34:19

Saline nose spray, leave in for a few minutes to loosen the snot, then use a snot sucker if you've got one (the NUK silicone bulb one is the best) or a twisted piece of tissue to gently hook out the snot.

If you haven't got nose spray to hand, then a few drops of breast milk or cooked boiled water will do the trick.

It's horrible when the get congested like that, my little one gets so bunged up with a cold he can barely breathe. The size of the lumps of snot that get sucked out are revolting!

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Tue 19-Jan-21 05:25:56

Snot suckered was the best thing for us. I think its a bit cruel putting drops up a little babies nose. Horrible feeling for an adult never mind a little baby.

SD1978 Tue 19-Jan-21 05:12:28

Saline nose drops- make it yourself - 1/4 teaspoon is salt in a cup of warm water. Use a cotton wool ball and drip 1-2 drops per nostril, 3-4 times, wiping with another cotton ball after each drip. Snot suckers are utterly pointless- they don't go up the nose (obviously) so don't actually do anything, and can cause a little trauma (swelling) cause no one likes something getting shoved up their nose!

shamalidacdak Tue 19-Jan-21 03:30:40

Suck it out. Doesn't hurt and works every time

rainbowninja Tue 19-Jan-21 03:05:04

I remember trying snot suckers too on dd, they didn't work, best left unless they are very congested

Letsallscreamatthesistene Tue 19-Jan-21 03:00:16

Tomorrow id go and buy some saline drops. They're really good. Snot suckers are rubbish.

CupOfTeaAlonePlease Tue 19-Jan-21 02:22:44

Don't, just leave it. Babies are good at clearing their own noses if they need to.

Skipsurvey Tue 19-Jan-21 02:22:28

a warm flannel?

babess944 Tue 19-Jan-21 02:16:38

Hi new mum here I do not have a nose sucker and DS doesn't have a cold just has some snot stuck in his nose do you know any remedies I do not have saline drops either

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