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pigglepot Sat 16-Jan-21 14:20:55

If you have a play kitchen for your child does it get much use? I'm looking to buy one for my daughters first birthday but I'm a bit worried it will take up lots of room that's wasted if it doesn't get used.

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shopaholicsloth Sun 17-Jan-21 19:03:04

My little boy had had one for about 18 months (he's 4) he does occasionally use it but we only have room for it in the conservatory which is a bit too cold for him to play in this time of year. It's funny you asked this as I only just moved it into his bedroom yesterday. It wasn't cheap about £75 and my Dad had a nightmare putting it together. He does enjoy playing with it though and it's good for storage!

mumtobabygilrl Sun 17-Jan-21 19:06:02

I'd say first birthday is a little bit young- got ours when DD was 2.5 and almost 4 years old now and still played with everyday

pigglepot Sun 17-Jan-21 20:55:06

@idontevenknowanyonecalledblurb looks so lovely! You've inspired me! I've ordered the IKEA one and jazzing it up can be a little project (if I ever get a minute to do it that is!)

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pigglepot Sun 17-Jan-21 20:56:33

@mumtobabygilrl too late! I've ordered it now 🤦‍♀️. Hoping she will get plenty of use out of it and also hoping it will fit in the kitchen!

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idontevenknowanyonecalledblurb Sun 17-Jan-21 20:57:15

@pigglepot oh fab! I am no good at diy but it wasn't too bad! Spray paint is your friend! Good luck!

Tyranttoddler Sun 17-Jan-21 20:58:35

Yes!! Got my dd one when she turned 1,she plays with it every day and she is 2.5 now


VerbenaGirl Sun 17-Jan-21 21:01:20

Ours really was one of our best buys, we built a mud kitchen so we had an outdoor version too.

Glenthebattleostrich Sun 17-Jan-21 21:02:41

I'm a childminder with 3 kitchens! One in the playroom, a mud kitchen and one in the garden. They are the most played with toys.

The children love them, they make picnics, load the dishwasher, pour, explore and generally have a brilliant time with them.

Ikea do a lovely one.

Nanasueathome Sun 17-Jan-21 21:02:58

Have a look at Great Little Trading Company for accessories

Indecisivelurcher Sun 17-Jan-21 21:03:01

There's a great second hand market in play kitchens

AnnieAreYouOkHun Sun 17-Jan-21 21:04:18

My 3 year old ds has had one since he was two and still loves it.

London1977 Sun 17-Jan-21 21:04:50

My son got a big plastic monstrosity of a kitchen when he was 2. It was a little tykes one. The cooker made a noise. He played with it until he was about 5. Now he's 7 and it's all about lego and minecraft.

I would say that she won't play with it properly until she's about 2 or 3. Just don't getva boring tiny wooden kitchen one. They may look more aesthetically pleasing in your house but they're not as much fun and they tend to be small.

AnneLovesGilbert Sun 17-Jan-21 21:14:42

Amazing timing as we’re getting DD one for her second birthday and haven’t decided which to get. Great recommendations here, thanks for great thread OP.

She got a toy stand mixer for Christmas and loves it. And wooden Velcro fruit and veg for chopping which get used several times a day.

addictedtotheflats Sun 17-Jan-21 21:17:32

My 21 month old has had his since about 14 months and he plays with it daily. Pretends to wash his hands, puts the fake food in the oven, pulls everything out and makes an absolute mess, we tidy up then he starts again 😂. We got the ikea one with loads of extras off Facebook for about £35

UrsulaVdL Sun 17-Jan-21 21:20:00

Ours got used so much. It was in the kitchen, and then it went I to the playhouse in the garden.
Our oldest who is now 13 saw a picture of herself playing with it recently and was saying how much she loved it.

jelly79 Sun 17-Jan-21 21:20:52

My son played with my nieces. I bought him one and he's never bothered. I'm putting it on marketplace tomorrow smile

Mumto3thatsme Sun 17-Jan-21 21:23:32

My daughter has had hers since about 18 months, it is by far the most consistently played with toy alongside the play foods that she has.
It’s in our kitchen diner and she loves to cook whilst I cook and give her babies food.
You absolutely can’t go wrong with a play kitchen

WouldstrokeTomHardy Sun 17-Jan-21 21:37:16

Mine are young adults now but had a play kitchen. They loved it. Worth every penny.

BiddyPop Mon 18-Jan-21 08:14:18

There is one in my DPs house that gets very well used by all visiting DGCs and neighbours DCs. (And sometimes that and the train set by the now adult DCs also!!).

In our case, dd was not terribly into toys, as such, and has been found to have ASD/ADHD since her toddler years. We didn't have a full kitchen but a small cooker and pots/pans/utensils and tea set (and cash register, "groceries" and shopping basket). They were among the heavier used toys for a number of years. (Along with cars/trucks, Lego and, slightly less so, the bigger baby dolls with accessories).

Meanwhile, the furnished dolls house (that took the same space as a kitchen) was a waste in our case. But a DNiece has loved it.

Indoctro Mon 18-Jan-21 08:23:02

Got one at 18m old and it was my child's most used toy till about 4 years old

Both my kids loved it

Definitely get one

DavidRose Mon 18-Jan-21 08:24:22

Ours is great - a cheapish Asda one. My Niece has an Aldi one which was also cheap. Both lovely, not too big and played with constantly.

NotExactlyMrsCurrentAffairs Mon 18-Jan-21 08:29:56

We had a plastic little tikes one. Used it in the house over winter months and in the garden in summer months.

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