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Chances of second baby have silent reflux?

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sunsandwaves Fri 15-Jan-21 22:23:06

I am absolutely terrified my second child will have silent reflux too. Please tell me it's not a genetic thing?

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Timeforsinging81 Fri 15-Jan-21 22:33:27

I think that it can run in families, at least that's what my HV said.

I was the same as you, terrified of another difficult reflux baby. And yes I had another reflux baby, but this time with the added fun of CMPA too! But you know what, it was difficult and stressful but I was more clued up second time around and was able to spot the signs at 3 weeks old and later on to convince drs that my child needed medication. And I knew it wouldn't last forever.

Are you pregnant now or thinking about a potential second?

Terracottasaur Fri 15-Jan-21 22:37:40

Ooft, I would love to know this too. My baby is 6 weeks old and suffers terribly with reflux. I always imagined having two, but seriously reconsidering now (even though my son is a dream baby in all other respects).

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