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Cow's milk - diarrhoea!

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HalfBloodPrince Sat 16-Jan-21 12:34:15

Thank you all for your replies.

Think it definitely sounds like CMPA/some kind of intolerance. The GP suspected CMPA when he was a few months old and referred to paediatrician. She immediately said it wasn't, put him on omeprazole and advised early weaning and that was it. Omeprazole didn't help so he came off it. He's always been very stuffy/mucousy too which I've heard can be a sign.

Think I'll try him on oat milk and speak to the GP on Monday about a dietitian referral.

Thank you so much for your help everyone! smile

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ZooKeeper19 Sat 16-Jan-21 12:28:50

@HalfBloodPrince there is no such a thing as "plant milk" - it's all water with colour.

How did you switch him? Did you slowly introduce cow milk into his formula like 90/10 and 70/30...over a few months? Has he had any issues with yoghurt and other milk products?

I would try going back on formula, and re-introducing cow milk gradually and see what happens.

Our LO is 14m and he is still on 50/50 formula/cow milk (but I dilute the formula so he only gets 2 scoops of formula in 3oz water).

marshmallowfluffy Sat 16-Jan-21 11:37:32

It sounds like he could be lactose intolerant too- how does he cope with yoghurt?

I'd be switching to plant milk. Avoid rice milk and you could do it gradually by changing the formula/milk ratio

Thatwentbadly Sat 16-Jan-21 11:25:41

Yes but on formula it’s is sterilised and processed so more easily tolerated.

MrsPatrickDempsey Sat 16-Jan-21 11:11:16

Formula contains cows milk......

Thatwentbadly Sat 16-Jan-21 11:11:08

If you are changing to plant milk I would avoid soya as it sounds like your longing have CMPA and over half off children with CMPA can’t tolerate soya. I would try Oatley Barista or Asda own but I think they have stopped making it.

Whyismycatanasshat Sat 16-Jan-21 11:06:18

@HalfBloodPrince my DP tells me we increased and decreased by an oz at a time not 2oz and it took best part of 3 months to switch completely, and we still have to add gaviscon to her milk now.
Clearly I blanked the switch over out of my mind as it was accompanied by the trauma of switching from bottles to cups and that was a battle of her stubbornness verses mine!

BrokenLink Sat 16-Jan-21 10:34:41

It would be tempting to remove cows milk protein from his diet for several weeks and then attempt to reintroduce it using the "milk ladder". CMPA is strongly associated with reflux/ constipation and diarrhoea. Check that any plant milks contain added calcium and give a vitamin d supplement. A dietician referral would be ideal. There are other foods that can cause problems too, but CMPA is the common one.

HalfBloodPrince Sat 16-Jan-21 10:08:58

@Mif4 I was thinking of changing to a plant milk, what would you recommend? I drink oat milk myself.

@Timeturnerplease it does seem like he may just not tolerate milk very well. I've been lactose intolerant since birth but the GP said it was unlikely to be that. Bit reluctant to try semi due to reduced fat ect and also 'thinner' liquids tend to make the reflux worse.

@Whyismycatanasshat I did swap the milk gradually and mix as you said but perhaps it wasn't gradual enough. The issue started once he was completely over.

Thanks everyone for your help! It is appreciated.

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Whyismycatanasshat Fri 15-Jan-21 22:30:38

My DD is a refluxy one and our paediatrician recommended weaning off formula and on to cows milk gradually; we’d do 4oz formula with an additional 2oz cows for a few weeks then up it to 3oz of each and the. 2oz formula and 4 oz cows. She said that would prevent the upset tummy it worked for us

Timeturnerplease Fri 15-Jan-21 22:27:31

We had this - terrible reflux controlled by ranitidine. Checked for CMPA but clear; she just didn’t tolerate milk well. Whole milk was a disaster for us (though more sick than diarrhoea) so we tried semi skimmed on a whim and she was completely fine with it.

Now she’s two and the reflux has gone she can drink whole milk, but prefers the taste of semi.

I myself can’t drink milk on its own without getting heartburn....

Mif4 Fri 15-Jan-21 22:20:25

Cows milk is meant for cows.
Human milk is meant for humans.
No other species drinks milk from Another species.

You would be better trying him on plant milks.

fairynick Fri 15-Jan-21 22:14:07

It isn’t natural for our bodies to have cows milk, only human milk. I would advise to stay away from cows milk.

HalfBloodPrince Fri 15-Jan-21 22:12:52

Hi, hoping someone can help.

Since switching from formula to whole cow's milk a week ago my DS has had terrible diarrhoea which leaks out of the nappy, is the colour of peanut butter? and contains mucus.

He was a very colicky baby, has had issues with constipation since birth and had bad reflux which has finally started to improve in the last couple of months.

Is this a normal reaction to the switch over and will settle? Or could it be some kind of intolerance? Don't want to bother the GP if there's no need.

Thanks in advance!

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