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Newbee123 Tue 12-Jan-21 02:31:17

Hi ladies I'm a first time mum. Feeling very lonely lately with partner at work 😞 how did you ladies cope ? I'm thinking of moving in with my in laws just for some company...

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ASomers Tue 12-Jan-21 06:33:36

It's really hard spending so much time at home with a baby, especially without baby groups etc. I feel the same with my 5 month old. I get through the day by going out for a walk a day. Also, you're allowed a bubble as you've got a child under 1. I'm in a bubble with my parents which helps. Could you bubble with your in laws?

Newbee123 Tue 12-Jan-21 08:23:55

@ASomers hi ! The problem is we live in different boroughs and my baby is premature so I'm just waiting for all the doctors appointments to finish so I can go and form a bubble I feel selfish that I'd take my baby out of his home which he just settled in just to form a bubble I'm just exhausted and missing some company is that bad ? 😞 I would've gone my parents but no space ...

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FelicityPike Tue 12-Jan-21 08:28:24

Don’t move in with your in-laws. You will regret that.
I know what it’s like being a preemie mum out with Covid. That’s bad enough never mind not being able to see anyone.

Newbee123 Tue 12-Jan-21 08:36:04

@FelicityPike I used to live with them then left but now we are on better terms I'm stuck in two minds. What did you do?

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FelicityPike Tue 12-Jan-21 20:57:51

We didn’t go to any groups because I felt she was just too wee. So we went walking & shopping until she was sturdy enough for soft play (around 2).

KatieKat88 Wed 13-Jan-21 06:14:40

There are lots of online groups at the moment which you could join just for a chat, even if baby doesn't get anything out of it for a while?

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