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Challenging 7 year olds

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purpleme12 Mon 11-Jan-21 21:49:54

And she pulls away from hugs
What I'd give for her to love hugs

purpleme12 Mon 11-Jan-21 21:49:19

Following with interest
Mine doesn't have extra needs but she's hard work... Especially recently
Might get these books

peapotter Mon 11-Jan-21 21:36:00

Sounds tough, and you are doing the right things.

One thing that helps with my ds2, who is similar, is lots of physical touch, hugs etc. I can often forget how young he is and treat him more like his older siblings. He needs that reassurance. Maybe it would help your ds too?

Counttotenandtryagain Mon 11-Jan-21 13:20:00

My youngest has become worse with his behaviour over the last 10 months. He’s quite immature for his age, doesn’t listen or follow instructions. Hes started waking up angry and just quite hard work. We live in a high rise I have no support and he has no contact with his dad. He clearly has some additional needs (?adhd ASD) and has been seen by an Ed psych virtually at school last term. I work full time as a frontline HCP so I’m mindful of the stress I’m under and how it’s affecting my mood. He’s quite difficult to engage with at times and I’m pretty much empty and just have little tolerance atm. I’m lucky that he is at school some days which he doesn’t like as he just wants to be on a screen all day. I’ve been reading how to talk so little kids listen but find in the heat of the moment it’s sometimes hard to try and stay calm. I’ve ordered a volcano in my tummy to try and read through with him following a recommendation. Any tips or resources would be hugely appreciated. I know I’m not alone and there are many more parents in my situation with confused little people. Just had a really crap weekend with him and just wish he could listen but I know I also have to make an effort to stay calm too. I have older children one of which is year 13 and really struggling with all the restrictions.

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