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16 week vaccinations

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ASomers Sun 10-Jan-21 08:01:03

I had the same problem. Mine fed very little the day after her jab but it returned to normal the following day.

jel27 Sat 09-Jan-21 19:24:58

My son had his 16 week vaccinations on Tuesday and was fine until yesterday when he absolutely refused to breast feed and screamed if I tried to offer him my boob!

We managed to get him to take some formula but he only took about 12oz in the whole day. He fed ok during the night but today he’s done exactly the same and taken even less to feed.

I know one of the side effects from the 6 in 1 is feeding less but I didn’t expect the breast strike!
Has anyone else had their baby do this? And how long did it last?!

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