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Nappy Rash

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H8624 Fri 08-Jan-21 14:45:59

Little man is a week old and has developed a nappy rash on his front in nappy area. Any tips on how to clear it fast? Been using sudocream since yesterday.

He's been very clingy today and will only sleep on us I presume that's why if it's sore!

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ASomers Fri 08-Jan-21 15:32:38

I find sudocrem doesn't cut it. I've tried various nappy creams and the only one that really works for us is bepanthen. Also having nappy-free time

Thatwentbadly Fri 08-Jan-21 16:34:50

Only use waters for cleaning at nappy change time, no wipes, lots of nappy free time, bath daily, use a really thing layer of metanium nappy cream and when better use bepanthen.

The only being happy when being held could just be a new born thing.

Buzlightyear1 Fri 08-Jan-21 17:54:27

My little one had a allergic reaction to wipes it was new born ones he was only 4 days old. I was still in hospital as I had other issues. I was told to use only cotton wall and water, and to use metanium . It worked brilliant. Also have nappy free time , have a towel underneath and be ready to catch anything 🤣. It’s really hard when they are that young, he will won’t loads of cuddles . My one used to scream so much if put down he was supposed to be in a light box but wouldn’t settle . The amazing midwife gave me a special light blanket to help so he could be held And have light therapy. Congratulations on your new baby

theseriousmoonlight Fri 08-Jan-21 17:57:07

Metanium is amazing for nappy rash. A very light layer, dabbed on rather than rubbed in.

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