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Mam bottles - what microwave size

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Lgw20 Thu 07-Jan-21 09:30:50


I'm interested in buying MAM bottles for when baby arrives.

We just bought a microwave but it's only 17L and I'm wondering if the bottles will fit in there?

Does anyone know from experience?

Thank you

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FluffySunshineBunny Thu 07-Jan-21 09:33:14

You shouldn't put baby bottles in the microwave. Either an old fashion water in a pan in the hob or a fancy bottler warmer are the way to go.

addler Thu 07-Jan-21 09:35:05

MAM bottles self sterilise in the microwave.

I'm not sure if they'll fit, ours is 20L I think and the 9oz bottles are pretty close to the top. I guess it depends on the dimensions rather than just the volume?

Miltonj Thu 07-Jan-21 09:35:44

@FluffySunshineBunny MAM bottles are sterilised in the microwave.

Miltonj Thu 07-Jan-21 09:37:26

However if microwave is too small you could sterilise them in boiling water or with Milton tablets so don't worry!

tryingtocatchthewind Thu 07-Jan-21 09:47:38

Sterilising the bottles is not too bad as you don’t sterilise them at full height and it won’t be a problem while you are using the small new born bottles.

If you have bought the huge MAM steriliser to do a few at once then that will never fit. We took the steriliser to curry’s to try it out and it was a struggle.

Lgw20 Thu 07-Jan-21 10:09:22

@FluffySunshineBunny It's for sterilising the bottles not warming milk. They are self sterilising in the microwave.

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Lgw20 Thu 07-Jan-21 10:10:12

@Miltonj Yeah I've just been looking at the Milton tablets if the bottles don't fit in the microwave! That seems simple enough too.

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tryingtocatchthewind Thu 07-Jan-21 11:11:26

The bottles are really handy when you’re out and about visiting people but at home I found I wanted to sterilise lots of different things so used Milton at home

FluffySunshineBunny Thu 07-Jan-21 13:44:44


*@FluffySunshineBunny* It's for sterilising the bottles not warming milk. They are self sterilising in the microwave.

Apologies for misunderstanding. I bought the Phillips steriliser. And bigger bottles like the Dr. Brown go in the dishwasher but my baby is no a newborn. When he was we used the steriliser.

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