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Reheating chicken for baby

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newmum234 Mon 04-Jan-21 08:36:26

Yesterday I made some chicken puréed with veg and DS had a portion. I then put the remaining two portions in the fridge. I want to give him the second portion for lunch today, but how do I heat it up safely?

Another option would just be to take it out the fridge and let it warm up to room temperature on the counter, but I think it’ll be nicer for DS heated up. I don’t have a microwave though!

Am just terrified of giving him food poisoning! confused

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InTheLongGrass Mon 04-Jan-21 08:43:49

You could either put the puree in a small pan, and bring to the boil (gently!) before cooling to the right temperature, or put the pot in a steamer and heat that way.

Kaiken Mon 04-Jan-21 08:44:08

Put a large pot on stove with boiling water in it (no more than half the pot). Put another smaller pot in the water and put the puree in that small pot.
Or make a small soup and add the chicken to the soup. Chicken soup!

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