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Any homeschool activities for primary age kids?

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user1466068383 Sun 03-Jan-21 20:42:41

Hey everyone,
Just looking for activities to do at home with my 4 y/o (Reception age) whilst the primary schools are closed, anyone got any good games & tips?
Thinking particularly shapes, the alphabet/reading & basic counting activities.
To make things a little more complicated I’m 35 weeks pregnant and meant to be on bed rest (advised by MW) as have been having early signs of labour for the last 4 days (contractions, mucus plus loss etc). My partner can not work from home & we don’t want to form a childcare bubble with family as we are in and out of hospital for monitoring and are shielding to lower the risk of catching covid & passing it to MW etc, so it’s just me in charge of homeschooling - but can’t do anything too active.
All a bit of a headache, and I really don’t want my daughter hanging round the house bored & fed up so trying to put together as many activities as I can for her.
Thanks x

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Kolo Sun 03-Jan-21 20:59:48

Are you on Instagram? Play hurray has plenty of ideas for learning activities at home for younger kids. Think she's on Facebook too.

Kolo Sun 03-Jan-21 21:01:15

Play hooray, sorry.

They are play based learning activities and she's very good.

BendingSpoons Sun 03-Jan-21 21:03:07

DDs school have given her a login for Busythings and Reading Eggs. I don't know if you can purchase your own, but they are pretty good. I'm not a lover of screens for small children but needs must!

BendingSpoons Sun 03-Jan-21 21:08:02

Could you also get a craft box with stickers etc in? We got DD one from Argos a while ago. It has all sorts of shiny bits and she makes endless cards with it.

If you have Lego or similar, could you make up activities around that. One thing you can do is make a model, hide it and then describe to the other person how to make one the same. It's good to practise positional language e.g. on top, behind.

Glassbrightly Sun 03-Jan-21 21:08:35

Twinkl - it's pretty cheap to sign up to and has loads and loads of activities. Also doodle
Maths, teach your monster to read, reading eggs etc

BendingSpoons Sun 03-Jan-21 21:09:46

Last message from me! Do you have any willing relatives who could do a video call? They could chat, read books, do a scavenger hunt e.g. find something you take to the beach, something starting with A etc.

LittleRa Sun 03-Jan-21 21:16:15

Look at the activities on Page 9-13, page 15-17, page 20-23, 25-28 (and so on... you get the idea- you can read the info in between but find a list of activity ideas for each aspect).

Kolo Sun 03-Jan-21 21:17:22

Just read the bit about bed rest!

For a few weeks it really won't hurt to do some more sedate activities, or ones where the child is leading (and you're resting!).

There are some very good educational tv programmes about. Mine are older now, but we used to watch alphablocks and number jacks. I'm a maths specialist, so got ideas for numeracy; construction toys are great for maths - shape, measures, counting, sorting etc. Like some Lego? Magnet construction set? Thinking of things she could play with quite independently which can be absorbing.

user1466068383 Sun 03-Jan-21 21:35:49

Thanks everyone! Brilliant suggestions, I’ll put them to use tomorrow, feeling a bit more chilled that she won’t be running up the walls with boredom.

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LemonDrizzles Mon 04-Jan-21 11:21:54

There are a lot of free downloads to print at Ziggity Zoom and a to z teachers:

Our School provided a log in for Oxford Owl which also has a lot of downloads:

You can buy some cheap paper plates and either colour in or buy some cheap coloured cardboard paper to make animals:

Twinkl is a great resource but you have to pay to download anything (I haven't paid so haven't downloaded...)

Cartnoonito have a lot of downloads but I find them difficult to find! Here is a link to a fireman sam one:

Have you ever done Papier Mache? It's one part water and one part flour (I find one cup covers 1 1/2 balloons. Take a lot of little strips of newspapers (if you have a local waitrose, I find their free one is good quality and works well...) Then dunk in the mix and put on a blown up balloon. You may wish to do a few layers. Then let dry for 2 days and then paint. I tend to do all the outlines and then let the little one paint in.

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