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Breastfeeding Struggles - Feel like a failure!

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H8624 Sun 03-Jan-21 10:48:36

Baby was born on 31st December and I really want to breastfeed him but not having any luck!

In hospital the midwives were trying to help, but I could not produce much colostrum by hand expressing, and I just cannot get the baby to latch on! The midwives even tried in the hospital and could get him latched on, but when I replicate I just can't get it to work! I have large breasts and pretty flat nipples which is making the different positions hard for me to see.

Has anyone ever found the same? Or am I just failing at the first hurdle? I really have tried but I'm just losing all hope.

Have started to formula feed as I want to make sure he's fed (thats the priority of course!) but I can't help but be disappointed!

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CrazyKitkatLady Sun 03-Jan-21 10:57:24

First off you are not failing! Breastfeeding is hard and it takes two so baby needs to cooperate as well. You are doing brilliantly!

Secondly the best thing you can do is get baby to breast as often as you can. Could you try starting with a bottle so baby isn’t super hungry then transferring to breast for the second part of the feed?

Some people also find nipple shields helpful with flat nipples as they’ll give baby something to latch onto and trigger their sucking reflex.

If you can afford a private lactation consultant they will be able to suggest lots more, or you could contact your HV for specialist support.

There’s also the national breastfeeding helpline ( I think the number for that is on your notes)

Congratulations on your little one

JKDcot Sun 03-Jan-21 11:09:47

I would try nipple shields - this really helped me as my baby wouldn’t latch

Terracottasaur Sun 03-Jan-21 12:05:28

I used a lansinoh nipple extractor on my flat nipples and it worked a charm. My baby is now 4 weeks old and can latch without it. It also helped me to pump for a few seconds before trying to get him to latch.

ElspethFlashman Sun 03-Jan-21 12:09:09

Make sure to squish your breast like a hamburger. OK that sounds gross I know. But it really helped me. If you Google it, there are like pictures of it. (I'm serious).

It's all a bit unnerving. Squishing your poor body part like a hamburger and shoving it into the child's mouth. But if they don't open wide enough, or your breast seems too big and too flat, it really works.

Razpoot Sun 03-Jan-21 14:16:23

It's really, really hard isnt it! I had problems to begin with too, so so so much pain in my case, i ended up binge watching YouTube videos on latching in the middle of the night and they helped me, might be worth watching. Is your baby small? I think to begin with my girls mouth was too small, i didn't get a correct latch for about 2 months, just one that was half-right and worked until she was bigger. Maybe try swaddlng while you feed, for whatever reason my girl latches on great while swaddling, poorly without. Also if you want to get the bottom lip out like a fish sometimes i push down on my boob while she feeds if shes on wrong, push right at where she has her bottom lip on and it pushes her lip out. Keep asking health visitors/midwives for help if you can, i had them so many times to do it for me haha.

Also, is your baby opening their mouth for you? For whatever reason my girl wouldn't do this for a long time which made it really hard. Wishing you luck!

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