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DD5 scared of dentist

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TheFrogsNeedFeeding Fri 01-Jan-21 19:34:35

My DD5 is having some dental issues, she has a tooth that hurts her and the dentist can't figure out why. No decay btw. She is currently being referred to a specialist.

So over the last few days, some more of her teeth now hurt, so I told her I will make another appointment and she just sat down and cried. She is scared and doesn't want to go, and it's mostly to do with they keep putting this cold thing on her tooth to see if it's alive and it hurts her a lot.

I think I'm just looking for advice on how to proceed really. I will explain to the dentist how she is feeling, but I don't know how to reassure her as the truth is I am also very scared of dentist. I honestly think I have kept that from her, but obviously cant be sure.

Whenever we have had appointments they have poked and prodded her and it has hurt her, and it is difficult to watch, they seem forget she is a child. I don't know if this is just what happens when you go to the dentist or that I am being oversensitive. Because of this I feel like I cant say to her it won't hurt, because it does hurt.

Or should I take her to another dentist, I mean she is already being l referred but goodness knows how long that will take.

Any advice would be appreciated

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