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Show me your toy storage

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angel0071987 Fri 01-Jan-21 13:29:37

Just that really. Please can you show me your toy storage. Out of ideas currently with just the plastic clip boxes full of duplo, cars, diggers and crap. Now also have toottoot sets etc to store too ...

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BeautyAndTheBump1 Fri 01-Jan-21 13:34:23

I have the ikea kallax units and made a 'play room' for DS. The boxes are nice and deep, i have 2x8 units so 16 boxes of storage!

minipie Fri 01-Jan-21 13:49:01

I have a load of Ikea hemnes shelves and most toys live on there. Adult books on the upper shelves. Some toys are in boxes on the shelves, but most not as I find toys don’t really get played with if they’re not visible. We also have a massive basket for dressing up (a wicker thing which was originally a log basket) and two big baskets (felt ones from Made) for soft toys.

Then in the kitchen we have a shallow cupboard and a sideboard holding arts and crafts, activity books and family games. Plus one low kitchen drawer devoted to small bits - party bag/stocking filler type toys - and smaller garden toys.

A few bits and pieces in the DC rooms on small shelves from Vertbaudet.

IMO the key is having storage they can access themselves easily, so that ideally means low level and not too heavy/full. Or if you have to go high, make sure you rotate or the high up stuff won’t get a look in. Also look for furniture with built in storage so it does double duty.

inappropriateraspberry Fri 01-Jan-21 14:04:34

Agree with not hiding everything away behind doors. If they don't see it, they won't play with it!
We have 2 Kallax units as pp in our lounge. 16 'squares' with 8 boxes. Great for Lego, train track etc and they can get them out easily.
We are considering some more for their rooms, to house dinosaurs, my little ponies etc. I'd probably not have boxes for it all so they can be 'displayed' and used.

istheresomethingwrongwithme Fri 01-Jan-21 14:08:43

Here's mine.

2 x kallax style storage units for floor puzzles, mega blocks, craft stuff and larger toys.

1 x smaller unit for cars, farm stuff, play-dog sets, character toys etc. I've got another of these units on order as they've now for more train track, car race track etc that will go well in these.

We also have a book display which is in eldest's room at the moment because the 18 month old kept ripping the paper book.

I bought the big units after last Christmas when we were drowning in toys. The smaller one is a new addition this year and I think I'll get plain blue and red boxes to go in the kallax so they all match.

Caspianberg Sat 20-Feb-21 18:41:28

Oh god this fills me with dread!
When do they start needing lots of toy storage?
Ds is only 9 months so it’s refrained so far. I have ordered an ottoman as prep!

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