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Anybody else with really light sleepers?

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Razpoot Thu 31-Dec-20 11:49:30

Just looking for a bit of company really if anybody can relate! My little girl 5 months is always bad with noises. The slightest thing wakes her up. A floorboard creek, a dog barking down the road, too much light. This morning was especially hard, i had to leave her for 10 minutes the frustration was too much. Usually i shush her as white noise but i was trying to soothe her for so long it actually hurt my tongue!! I wonder if I can find a small sound box or something to block noise out, although i feel like she would probably focus on the noise and stay awake? Maybe im being silly. She doesn't sleep in the pram either as the sound of cars, birds etc also keep her awake. I suppose it probably because when i put her to bed it's in complete quiet, so I've done this to myself! I was at a baby group and i saw one of the other 5 month olds was playing on a playmat, and feel asleep on their own amongst all the noise of older children clattering. I was absolutely amazed! Mine would never ever do that blush she also needs rocked, curious on other people's thoughts on that as some people like my HV say it is fine to do and others say it is creating a bad habit

We co-sleep and i cant even move my arm without disturbing her, she doesn't sleep unless she is being held or touched in some way even in the very beginning. She will lie there wriggling until you put an arm over her and she settles. Anybody else with similar situations?

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soughsigh Thu 31-Dec-20 20:58:53

Mine is like that! There are plenty of white noise machines on the market. He's 26 months now and asks for his 😂.

People say to hoover and make lots of noise and your child will learn to sleep through anything, but they clearly just have children that are heavy sleevers.

I also remember being amazed by a baby falling asleep at baby sensory, mine was too wired to do it.

IrishMammy2020 Fri 01-Jan-21 20:31:06

My 9 month old is the same, I'm always in awe of people who's babies are sound asleep in a pram in a busy shop!!
I'd definitely recommend a white noise machine, it really helps us for naps in terms of drowning out noise that would otherwise wake her like the doorbell etc.

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