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Waking up 30 mins after bedtime

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HappyNewVaccine Wed 30-Dec-20 22:34:30

My baby is nearly 6 months and has just started waking up 30 minutes after I've got him down. His bedtime routine is bath, feed till drowsy and then bed at around 7pm. I managed to get him to go to sleep easily through doing the pick up put down technique from 4 months. But now he's a bit older he's suddenly started waking up again after 30 mins and is much harder to get to sleep, crying etc. Right now I'm just cuddling him and letting him suck my finger... but I know this is not a helpful long term strategy! confused. Any tips?

Once he falls asleep finally, he then stays asleep apart from one night feed, and he naps well during the day. It's just the bedtime that has changed. He is just about to go on solids.

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farandfew Wed 30-Dec-20 22:43:53

Could you try putting him to bed later? My 5 month old sleeps 9pm - 9am. I've had quite a few people give me the hmm face but it works for us and she sleeps through consistently. We also use white noise.

Nevertoomanyroasties Wed 30-Dec-20 22:49:54

Both mine did this for months, my 16 month old still does sometimes. It's usually a sign of overtiredness but it can be random. Whatever it is they do eventually outgrow it! You'll get sleep issues at 6 months because of weaning and development changes. I wouldn't bother stressing too much or changing things, assume it'll pass eventually and just get used to your evenings being in a darkened room.

LillyLeaf Wed 30-Dec-20 23:18:31

My 5 month old does this some nights. He did it tonight, he went to sleep at 8pm and woke up at 8.30pm and cried for an hour and a half. No idea why, I did nothing different in his routine. We never really know what sort of evening we'll have. Hopefully they'll grow out of it.

KatieKat88 Thu 31-Dec-20 06:56:24

Try bedtime 15 minutes earlier- that can often be an overtired thing.

FizzingWhizzbee123 Thu 31-Dec-20 18:32:36

Classic overtiredness. Bring bedtime forward

BeautyAndTheBump1 Fri 01-Jan-21 14:17:16

Personally i would try putting bedtime later, as it seems like they are just having a 30 min nap. My DS went to bed at 19:30 at one point and woke up twice through the night, he goes to bed now between 9-10pm and sleeps through until 8-9am. He is nearly 7 months

princessbananahammock252 Fri 01-Jan-21 21:49:31

My DD used to do this, and we learnt through a sleep consultant that it was due to overtiredness. Her naps at the time were all over the place. 30 mins here and there. So the tiredness built up. However, she would normally settle herself within 5 mins when we realised what it was. Before that we thought it was because she hadn't drank enough milk and would run up as soon as she started crying or stirring to give her milk. How are your baby's naps? If you think they're enough then I'd go with what a PP has suggested and bring bedtime earlier.

crazychemist Fri 01-Jan-21 22:32:10

Mine did this if overtired. I never really solved it though, it just went away as her sleep needs changed. I used to knit in her room once she was asleep so I could catch her just as she started to wake and resettle her before she got worked up

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