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Lockdown baby

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FizzingWhizzbee123 Thu 17-Dec-20 10:56:15

Definitely an age thing, right around 9 months there’s a big separation anxiety phase as they start to realise that things (you!) still exist when not in sight. Agree it’s not a lockdown thing.

JenC87 Wed 16-Dec-20 20:36:04

Thanks guys my son was completely different he slept through from 6 weeks was quite content if I left the room my daughter is complete opposite

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Lalapurple Wed 16-Dec-20 19:00:15

My baby did the exact same at the same age and that was pre lockdown. Don't worry.
Apparently it's a good sign they have good attachment to you (although is stressful for you)

Letsallscreamatthesistene Wed 16-Dec-20 18:45:55

I also had my baby at the start of lockdown 1. Hes started to do this but I think its an age thing rather than a lockdown thing.

majesticallyawkward Wed 16-Dec-20 18:38:21

As PP said, it's normal behaviour not lockdown specific (as in, it's nothing unusual or to worry about). All babies have some degree of separation anxiety and grow out of it.

when they are young babies have no concept of object permanence- so when they can't see you as far as they understand you cease to exist, the leap in their development around this is quite intense too.

user1493413286 Wed 16-Dec-20 18:21:05

I had my second DS at the end of feb and to be honest the separation anxiety isnt any worse than it was with my older DD. I think my DD was actually worse as my DS is ok if left in the room with his sibling whereas DD would be in a room alone so would get more upset

Persipan Wed 16-Dec-20 17:34:17

She's just about the right age for epic separation anxiety. It's normal!

JingleJohnsJulie Wed 16-Dec-20 16:40:37

It's not just a Lockdown thing, I think most babies go through this stage once they realise that you can leave them.

You are doing the right things by comforting her. Keep on like that and she'll settle back down again. smile

JenC87 Wed 16-Dec-20 16:37:39

Has anyone else had a lockdown baby I had my dd at the beginning of lockdown (March) my partner was classed as a key worker so he had to work throughout so it was just me at home I've done everything for her but it's getting to the point where the minute I get up or leave the room she goes hysterical but she is 0-100 in seconds I've tried leaving her to cry but she gets so upset she starts to choke so obviously I comfort her I'm just curious is anyone else having or had the same problem?

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