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Ocd and rituals with 7 year old

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Roisin86 Mon 14-Dec-20 22:41:11

Hello all
Looking for advise. My eldest daughter who is 7 years old, began obsessing with her room during lockdown (and after birth of my second child who she adores)
Everything has to be exactly as she left it, i am not allowed to make her bed or tidy anymore. Her belongings are lined up and toys tidied away. She barely plays anymore for fear of making a mess. Her bathroom is the same. Tap lined up straight, toilet roll straight,towel folded neatly and toothbrush in exact angle.
The list goes on. Ive been in touch with GP, school and relevant referrals are being made but unfortunately with covid play therapists aren't coming into her school. She is on a 9 month waiting list to see a child counsellor.
Its really upsetting me to see my happy go lucky fun child become anxious and obssssive and tense. I feel useless and I've no idea how to react when she cries over me sitting on her bed or touching an item in her room.
Has anyone any experience or advise or resources I could read to help me help her?
Thanks a lot

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JingleJohnsJulie Tue 15-Dec-20 08:29:43

It's probably not much use but there are some book recommendations on A Mighty Girl along with suggestions of age that they are appropriate for.

ribbonola Wed 16-Dec-20 01:20:32

I got this for my close friend's 7 year old. I was quite impressed with it and think it's helped both him and his mum understand his rituals/worries a bit better.

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