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Wobble Board - is it worth getting one?

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frolicmum Mon 14-Dec-20 21:11:03

Simple as - last minute Christmas presents. Should we get a wobble board for our 2 year old toddler?

There are cheaper ones but this was the first one google showed.¤cy=GBP&utmsource=google&utmm_medium=cpc&utmcampaign=google+shopping&adGroupId=42930779642&device=m&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3fXThLHO7QIVCbDtCh0OTgqYEAQYASABEgLSaPDD_BwE

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Changethetoner Mon 14-Dec-20 21:16:39

These are lovely. (we had one at the Playgroup I worked at). The children enjoyed them - can be used as a a tunnel for cars, teddies can hide under it, can be used as race track for cars to slide down, obviously can be used for standing/wobbling on, or jumping off the other side.

But....we got a grant for funding that paid for ours - as a private family, for one child - I don't think it is worth it. (but if you have the money, or want to splash out, yes they are good).

frolicmum Mon 14-Dec-20 21:25:36

Thanks for the response. It sounds awful to say"we have the money", it's just that he's got so many aunties and uncles and they're all getting the smaller presents I liked and my big bro is getting him a trike. My parents got him a mini playground for the garden, it's all a bit crazy but only child/grandchild in the family so far. His little brother will arrive in May, so it'll be 2 of them at some point x

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Firststariseetonight Mon 14-Dec-20 21:38:21

You can get them much cheaper on etsy, just check the delivery costs and timescales.

bluechameleon Mon 14-Dec-20 21:40:07

We have one and it doesn't get used nearly as much as I'd hoped. They like standing on it when it is like a bridge and using it as a step to get on other furniture but neither of them ever wobbles on it. But lots of people in a Facebook group I am in have them and say they get used all the time, so....

MarciaDidia Mon 14-Dec-20 21:43:55

Ours got used a little bit but not as much as I'd hoped. We ended up giving them to the SENCO at their school when we moved house as I couldn't see the point in packing them.

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