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Are jumperoos worth it?

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thattravelphotographer Sun 13-Dec-20 15:04:48

I have a very active 4.5 month old who just loves being upright and able to move. We have a door bouncer which she absolutely loves, but its not something I feel I can put her without me sitting on the floor with her. Just wondering how worthwhile a jumperoo would be, or would it be a two minute wonder that she quickly outgrows?

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MoChridhe Sun 13-Dec-20 15:10:48

Mine was a 2 minute wonder. I bought it from a charity shop, so it didn't feel like a waste of money. The baby wouldn't stay in it long enough for me to prepare dinner.

Sparkleandshine1 Sun 13-Dec-20 15:13:01

My now 2 year old absolutely loved hers. She was so happy jumping in it. She could do it for 20+ minutes at a time but she was around 6 months when we started using it.

MonkeyPuddle Sun 13-Dec-20 15:15:36

Two minute wonder for us too.
DS was tall and long legged so outgrew it quickly. I’d got it second hand off marketplace and resold it for what I paid so I didn’t mind, I would have been put out if I’d bought it brand new.

harrietm1987 Sun 13-Dec-20 15:16:02

2 minute wonder for sure, but a fun 2 minutes! They take up loads of space as well. Get one second hand and sell it on again.

ReeseWitherfork Sun 13-Dec-20 15:16:16

I was always nervous about them so bought the skip hop 3-in-1 thingy that turns into a table. I didn't use the jumperoo bit very much but have used the table most days in some form (eating, arts and crafts, as a play station)

Ismellphantoms Sun 13-Dec-20 15:25:36

Total success. I bought second hand and sold it for the same money so it didn't cost me anything. It was used for months.

Cantrecall Sun 13-Dec-20 15:27:46

Mine was adored by both children! I would always recommend; even more ideal if you get second hand

picklemewalnuts Sun 13-Dec-20 16:47:24

Mine loved it- worth every penny.

Koolandorthegang Sun 13-Dec-20 19:41:55

Mine had loved hers since she was about 4 months, she’s very long and loves being upright. She will happily go in it a few times a day for a good few minutes each time. They are very big and take up huge amounts of space but worth it if your lo likes it. I got mine second hand for about a tenner and the best part about getting it second hand is that you don’t have to put it together from scratch which I’d say is a nightmare! I’d get one if I were you and just sell it on if it isn’t a hit

MozzchopsThirty Sun 13-Dec-20 19:44:33

Loved it best thing ever
Both of mine enjoyed it, can still remember the music now 11 years on

Coldhandscoldheart Sun 13-Dec-20 19:46:17

The circle of neglect lol. I think I started mine at 5ish months for max maybe ten minutes at a time. They loved it.
They do come apart easily to store if you don’t have much space.

choppitychopchop Sun 13-Dec-20 19:46:19

Our DD LOVED her jumperoo. We were given one second hand and it was the best thing we ever had. DD snapped one of the springs and we didn't hesitate in paying full price for a replacement the same day.

LilacSloth Sun 13-Dec-20 19:46:48

One of the few things I got that I regretted. Got it on offer but it was still an expensive waste of money. Took up most of the room and hardly used.

GlitterBiatch Sun 13-Dec-20 19:47:19

Yes I loved it! I didn’t leave DS alone in it but it did keep him occupied and happy when I needed to nip round and do some housework and it built up some leg strength; He loved it! I would definitely purchase again if I have another DC.

CityDweller Sun 13-Dec-20 19:48:26

Dc1 loved it and spent loads of time in it. DC2 didn’t.

Vanannabananna Sun 13-Dec-20 19:48:37

Ours both loved it. Got second hand and sold after.

randomsabreuse Sun 13-Dec-20 19:49:20

Great for me - active containment while prepping dinner was very handy from about 5 months to 13 months when he was mobile. Also useful for cleaning and tidying times in same room!

LemonDrizzles Sun 13-Dec-20 19:50:40

Both DC loved it. Could empty dishwasher and load washing machine whilst they were bouncing away.

Depends on the child though

00100001 Sun 13-Dec-20 19:52:31

DS had one for a month or so when he was about 7m maybe.

He got over stimulated in it!
Then got frustrated at not being able to move

amymel2016 Sun 13-Dec-20 19:55:28

Both of ours loved/love it, they were in it from around 5 months and would get 25 mins or so

igotosleep Sun 13-Dec-20 19:59:10

DC1 loved it, DC2 hated it. Completely depends on the child!
To be fair, DC2 hated everything that wasn’t my arms / boobs grin

MarchSurprise Sun 13-Dec-20 19:59:17

Oh totally worth every penny. Our boy had it from about 4 months and built his time up in it, it gave me a good amount of time.

The circle of neglect is the best title for it, I do remember tidying up then looking up to my little boy asleep in it... he loved it so much though he would cry if i got him out. Gutted he's too big now!

scrivette Sun 13-Dec-20 20:00:35

It was a big success with my DC too, you can buy them secondhand and sell them again quite easily.

hedgehogger1 Sun 13-Dec-20 20:03:30

Mine loved it. They would both bounce themselves to sleep

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