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Anyone experienced club foot?

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november90 Thu 10-Dec-20 21:40:54

My baby is almost 7 months old and one of his feet naturally turns in. He can put it straight, when I tickle his foot, but it does curve inwards naturally and now I'm panicking thinking it's club foot!! I've googled it and scared myself. Obviously I know nobody can give me a diagnosis on here, but does anyone have any experience? I've attached a photo!
My HV is due out next week so I'll discuss it with her then. I'm hoping someone can come along and tell em I'm over reacting 🙈
He doesn't put much weight on his feet yet but I don't really remember my eldest doing so either at this age.

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justanotherneighinparadise Thu 10-Dec-20 21:49:27

I suspect it will correct itself once your child starts walking. I can remember being completely obsessed with my baby’s feet when he was tiny as they were turned in. They are absolutely perfect now, no issues at all.

whoami24601 Thu 10-Dec-20 21:52:12

DS had this when he was born. We were given some advice which was basically tickle the outside of his foot so he straightened it as often as possible. It will build up the muscles ready for walking.

SwanShaped Thu 10-Dec-20 21:58:21

If that is club foot then it looks really mild. So should be easy to treat if needed.

peasoup8 Thu 10-Dec-20 22:58:51

That just looks like a normal foot to me OP!

LeslieYep Thu 10-Dec-20 23:00:06

Off topic, but look at that chunky lovely leg!!!

TheGirlWhoLived Thu 10-Dec-20 23:06:37

My daughter had club foot- apparently it wasn’t hugely serious- but the sole of her foot was pointed upwards it was that twisted! It didn’t cause her any pain and she couldn’t straighten it at all, it was fused that way. I would be very surprised if your ds has club foot (often they can diagnose it at the 20 week scan too).

If you are particularly worried, check with the health visitor when you next go, and if worst comes to worst and it IS club foot, it will take next to nothing to sort it out - some special boots to wear at night possibly for a couple of months, such an easily solved problem smile

As an aside my daughter is absolutely fine now, the treatment was lengthy (boots and a bar ponsetti treatment over 5 years, mostly only at night time, but she is absolutely fine now and can walk/run as well as anybody else!

PlantDoctor Thu 10-Dec-20 23:20:24

My DD had it when she was born. One foot twisted out and the other twisted in as they had been pushed together in the womb. At the newborn check they said she'd likely need an operation on at least one foot, maybe both, but we saw the physiotherapist a few weeks later and she said as long as she could straighten them by pulling them (she could) she just needed some physio. Same as an above poster, we had to tickle the edge of her feet and hold them in a straight position several times throughout the day (I did it when BFing), and they straightened out very quickly.

See what you HV says, but your son's foot looks fine to me. Nowhere near as severe as my DD and even then that was easily fixed!

november90 Fri 11-Dec-20 07:19:28

Thank you for the replies everyone! I will definitely ask my Hv for advise and do all the feet tickling I can do!

@LeslieYep hehe he is an absolute chunk! He was 9lbs13oz at birth so he was never going to grow to be small 🙈

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