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How to wean?

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blvdbrokendreams Sun 06-Dec-20 17:23:41

I'm a first time mum to a 4 month old baby girl. Im not weaning her now or wanting to start but I have a few questions. I tried ringing the health visitor but there's no appointments face to face or over the phone for at least 2 months. So basically how do you wean? Do you still give them milk and food? Do they need meals? Does it have to be blended and if it does when do they need it to not be blended? We are totally not prepared for this. We aren't wanting to start now. We want to wait as close to 6 months but I'm so scared im gonna do it wrong. She currently has 5 or 6 5 to 6 ounce bottles a day and sometimes a night feed. So would I continue giving her that anyway? I'm sorry if this is all a ramble. I went on Google earlier and confused myself even more. Thanks for any help 🙂

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dementedpixie Sun 06-Dec-20 17:39:38

Yes milk feeds stay the same to start with as you're introducing tastes and textures, not trying to fill them up.

You can do puree, finger foods only (BLW) or a mix of the two. You would only be starting with small amount once a day to begin with. I gave between milk feeds rather than as part of the feed.

Thatwentbadly Sun 06-Dec-20 18:48:35

There is a really good NHS website about weaning.

babblingbrooks Sun 06-Dec-20 18:52:22

Just start giving her some food to taste when your eating. Boiled veg sticks are a good start as they are soft and mushy. She can eat anything you eat, just not to much salt, honey or whole nuts. Cut grapes in half.

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