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3 month old holds mouth open, pants and kicks legs and arms when excited

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mongo123 Sun 06-Dec-20 01:09:58

My baby is 3 mths old and holds her mouth open while panting and shaking her arms and kicking legs when she gets excited. She does this when she sees me or im holding her up and playi g with her. Her dad also and lately when she sees a toy like her overhead mobile and it happens only when she is excited. Does it several times a day in the situations mentioned. Is this normal? Can anyone say if this happened with their babies and if and when it went away? i guess i am just worried since i dont notice this with other babies. The panting yes. But the holding mouth open part....not really

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CuppaZa Sun 06-Dec-20 01:11:03

Yes. Both mine did this

mongo123 Sun 06-Dec-20 01:15:49

Thanks so much for your reply. Its reassuring

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Rainbowqueeen Sun 06-Dec-20 01:19:36

Yes normal.
It’s the only way they can express when they are happy because they can’t speak yet.

Don’t forget you spend a lot more time with your own DD than with other babies so you will notice more about her
It will stop when she can express her excitement in other ways

She sounds delightful!

AlwaysLatte Sun 06-Dec-20 01:32:57

I can picture my two (now strapping boys) doing that as babies. It's very cute and absolutely normal. Enjoy it smile

ladybird69 Sun 06-Dec-20 01:38:45

Absolutely normal and bless her she’s getting excited seeing you and seeing her toys. Just you wait until the ear splitting screech kicks in , in a month or so. Heavy panting turns into high pitched squeals. Such a lovely age enjoy 😊

DramaAlpaca Sun 06-Dec-20 01:39:31

It's years since mine were babies but I can remember this. Totally normal, and totally cute.

Topseyt Sun 06-Dec-20 01:42:03

Totally normal. All of my three did it.

PinGwyn Sun 06-Dec-20 01:44:15

Mine are older now but I used to love it when they hit this stage, figuring out how to interact with the world!

My youngest used to get such a look of concentration in her face with little frowns and the mouth open trying to form shapes before she learnt to shriek and "shout" at things 😁

mongo123 Sun 06-Dec-20 01:54:06

Thanks so much everyonesmile oh one more thing she lunges at us witj her mouth open as though she literally wants to eat us. Is this also normal. To add she is nursing more now...drooling s bit more and mouthing things a bit more so maybe teething? Only 3 mths though

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PinGwyn Sun 06-Dec-20 01:58:52

All normal smile

Babies explore with their mouths so she's taking an interest and trying to get hold of everything.

Sounds like you might be right about teething though so might be time to get some chewy stuff for her to hold and play with, we had a Sophie giraffe and rubber linking rings which got lots of use!

mongo123 Sun 06-Dec-20 02:01:37

Thank u so much. Will look into the giraffe toy😊

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Margo34 Sun 06-Dec-20 02:01:46

My 2 month old does the disco arms and legs thing with mouth open, sometimes she has conversational babble too with it. So cute! 😊

And yes she lunges too. She's like a little woodpecker.

iswhois Sun 06-Dec-20 02:19:00

Sounds really cute smilesmile

KatieKat88 Sun 06-Dec-20 05:37:29

Completely normal and adorable. In regards to your last post, that probably isn't teething, they just explore everything with their mouths at that point.

theculture Sun 06-Dec-20 07:13:35

I fingered with mine that the lunging at me with the mouth open was the babies interpretation of a kiss!

So very cute smile

Phillipa12 Sun 06-Dec-20 07:27:20

All perfectly normal. It sounds like you have a very happy contented little girl who absolutely adores you and is showing you the only way she knows how at the moment.

QforCucumber Sun 06-Dec-20 09:28:43

5 month old ds does all of this. As above the lunging we see as him giving kisses. 4 yr old ds did it all too 😁

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