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Need tooth brushing advice please

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BeccaBean Sun 06-Dec-20 10:39:41

Thanks Bubblebox. Have been thinking about electric although wondered if better to get her used to manual brush first so she knows how to use properly. Maybe I should get one anyway.

The dentist has seen the misalignment and isn’t worried at this stage. The new tooth had only just erupted when we saw him so we hadn’t appreciated at that point his difficult it would be to clean, hence never asked for specific brushing advice at that appointment.

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Bubblebox Sat 05-Dec-20 11:24:31

Electric toothbrush? Much smaller head and less need to move it to clean.
The flossing harps are good for getting to any stuck food.
Mouthwash to finish off.

That might all be complete nonsense but was my first thought in his I'd manage it.
I would also ask the dentist for advice just incase there is a problem with alignment.

BeccaBean Sat 05-Dec-20 10:53:54

My just turned 5 year old has just got her second permanent lower incisor. It has erupted further back in the gum from her other teeth and is so difficult to reach properly when brushing particularly where the tooth meets the gum as the toothbrush won’t fit in the gap between her other teeth.

Does anyone have any advice? I thought about getting a 0-2 years brush just for this tooth for the smaller head but still not sure it will fit between the other teeth. Also thought about adult interdental brush but think it might be too hard for a 5 year’s gums (especially when they are still a little sore from the new teeth eruption).

No problems with the tooth otherwise and dentist aware that it is far back in the gum and not worried so don’t think we need to go to dentist. If I call the dentist expect they will point us towards a hygienist appointment (for £50!) which feels like a big deal for a brushing question for 1 tooth (teeth otherwise have no problems).


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