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6 week old sudden change. Struggling :(

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Freshprincess12 Thu 03-Dec-20 22:22:03

DD turned 6 weeks on Tuesday, its almost like a switch was clicked and she was replaced nya completely different baby!
She started being unsettled in the evening cryinh constantly, kicking legs and just not wanting to bw put down. Gave gripe water, she settled only for a few hours.
Next day was the same..just not settling. In the day, I put her down in her moses cot and within minutes shes moving around like shes uncomfortable then up again
Absolutely exhausted and neglecting my toddler dd who i feel so sad for as she keeps being told to bw quiet or move away due to trying to settle baby as much as poss.
Dont know what to do. What could it be? Iv contacted HV who tbh has been useless she only ever came for first visit and all she commented on was cleanliness, and to keep the house tidy! This was after 2 weeks of battling bf, with a toddler runniong riot and no sleep.

Does anyone have any ideas whats going on?
Also, she is formula fed mostly with breast here and there..we give infacol before feeds as she wasnt winding well from 2 weeks , however the infacol did help and she was very settled and happy..until Tuesday when she turned 6 weeks. Now im just dreading each day

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Missingthebridegene Thu 03-Dec-20 23:01:34

Have you got the wonder weeks app!? Sounds like she's going through the first leap! ❤️

Corner13 Thu 03-Dec-20 23:04:24

It’s all normal and to be expected. I agree with the PP, download the wonder weeks app. How old is your toddler?

PlantDoctor Thu 03-Dec-20 23:09:35

My DD also developed colic between about 6 and 12 weeks. (She slept for the first 6 weeks almost constantly!) I just posted on another thread to utilise any tools at your disposal, as baby carrier, pram, car seat and cluster feeding all helped our DD so some degree, while gripe water and infacol didn't really do much for her usually. It was a very hard period for all of us, and that's without the toddler. Take any offers of help available (you can form a support bubble in England now if you have a child under 1). flowers

Kettlingur Thu 03-Dec-20 23:10:21

That's about normal for 6 weeks! Mine would want constant feedings at that age (I breastfed so they were attached to the boob 24/7 it seemed) and they really got fussy when anywhere else. Can you baby wear, that might help? I had a really easy sling called the K'Tan that was almost like a shirt.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 03-Dec-20 23:51:36

At 6 weeks they go through a few days where they will be happy to be constantly attached to you.

Have you got some activities that you can do with the toddler whilst you feed?

Don't be afraid to stick CBeebies on either and feed or read a few books to your toddler whilst you feed.

And if all else fails, stick her in a sling smile

Freshprincess12 Fri 04-Dec-20 06:57:10

I keep Googling all these things religiously. It confuses me so much, how can you decipher from one to the next?! She doesn't spit up or vomit, but she does cough sometimes during feeding. However, thats been less and less the older shes got I noticed so it can't be silent reflux?
Also, she cries but settles most times if we lay her on chest..she is perfectly happy being on her tummy weve noticed but thats been since day 1. Just wants to lie on chest and we usually have to co sleep like this otherwise wed have no sleep whatsoever. She has cried for long periods ususally in the car seat but again very few and far between so can it be colic?

Toddler has just turned 3

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JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 04-Dec-20 07:32:27

A lot of that could just be a normal 6 week old.

Is there something in particular that makes you think it's something more?

Thatwentbadly Fri 04-Dec-20 07:53:56

It’s normal for a baby to only sleep for a few hours at a time overnight.

Freshprincess12 Fri 04-Dec-20 09:24:48

Its not overnight. Its daytime shes doing this and not even a few hours, Id say an hour-1 and a half hours at the finding the daytime mkre difficult because of the toddler..I feel I cnt give toddler dd any attention as when baby is asleep Im using that time to cook and clean, run errands etc

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Freshprincess12 Fri 04-Dec-20 09:26:33

I think its because she seems frustrated and squirms around like shes in pain/discomfort. I really cant remember this with my other 2 dc. Or maybe Ive forgotten about it.
She always seems to want to be lay on her belly so I dont know if its a wind issue.

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