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3/4 months what do you do?

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PollyPocket245 Thu 03-Dec-20 12:59:36

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone could share your daily routine with a 3/4 month old. (I use the word routine loosely!) My little one will still only sleep on myself or my partner and is getting so hyper during the day, I’m running out of things to do with her! It would be good to see what other people do so I know what I’m aiming for 🙂, thank you!

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TotoroPotoro Thu 03-Dec-20 13:03:44

It's been a while but from what little I remember it wasn't much!

Eat/sleep/bouncy chair/play mat repeat! A bit of an airing each day in the pram, maybe a bath.

They're only really just waking up at that age

PollyPocket245 Thu 03-Dec-20 13:06:23

@TotoroPotoro phew, that’s reassuring! I was worrying I wasn’t doing enough with her!

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ASomers Thu 03-Dec-20 15:10:08

Mine is 3 and a half months now and I'm struggling to keep her entertained too. It's playmat, bouncy chair, walk and then I'm running out of things to do. She's also been very grumpy and sleepy recently so I think she's going through a growth spurt. She'll only sleep in the sling during the day for naps so it's nice to read your post and know I'm not the only one! Sounds like you're doing the right things xx

Superscientist Thu 03-Dec-20 15:48:38

I have a 4 month old. We go for a walk with some other mums once a week and we do a sensory class once a week. The rest of the week is a blur of TV, cuddles and naps. We have any gym thing I put under and a bouncy chair. There are lots of YouTube videos aimed at babies which keep her occupied and content. She likes lights and I often find her staring at the light on the router!

heroineinahalfshell Fri 04-Dec-20 23:17:54

3.5 month LG here. She'll also only nap on me, & hates the bouncer & sling. Rough schedule:

730 -wake, feed, she chills on the bed while I get dressed then I change & dress her
830 - she sits on one of us or goes on the playmat while we eat breakfast.
915 - I sing her songs, maybe another feed, pre-nap fussiness
10 - nap, i watch TV
11 - wake, feed, more songs, some sensory play (flashcards, foil blanket, ribbons, different fabrics)
1230 - she sits on one of us or goes on the playmat while we eat lunch, then has a feed before we go out
1 - walk out in the pram, she naps
2 - home, feed, more songs, up to 20 mins of cbeebies or a sensory video, more bloody songs, maybe some more sensory play if she's up for it. Some days she goes in the sling and I cook/bake/clean.
430 - feed, nap, I watch TV
5/530 - pass her off to DH if I can while I cook tea.
6 - bath, massage, book, boob
7 - 10 - attempting to get her to go to bed with increasing levels of desperation.

We're starting Mon & Weds AM baby classes next week which should mix it up a bit too. She often has a longer early afternoon nap & misses the later one, which isn't great.

Stitchyfingers Fri 04-Dec-20 23:52:48

My little one will be 4 months next week. I feel like we have a good routine up until about 2ish and then all bets are off. She has been a good sleeper since 6 weeks though so I can't complain.

8am - wake for a feed, songs and nursery rhymes in bed
9am - we both get dressed and ready for the day, tidy upstairs, put washing away.
10am - nap in the swing while I do housework, wash bottles, etc
11am - wake for a feed, play mat, sensory play, spend some time looking in the mirror 🤦🏻‍♀️
12pm - usually some sort of sensory video on YouTube or she quite likes the Julia Donaldson videos on prime while I eat
12:30pm - walk in pram or carrier, weather dependent, she usually naps
1:30pm - wake for a feed
2pm - sometimes another quick nap, or a bit of fussing, depends how she's feeling, trying to stay sane until DP gets home
5pm - another feed and cuddles
6pm - bath, pjs and story
7pm - cuddles then put to bed drowsy.

PollyPocket245 Sat 05-Dec-20 04:43:11

Oh wow thank you so much for taking the time to reply, some really good ideas. I think I could be doing a lot more sensory play. Where do you get the toys from or do you just get creative with what you have?
I’m worried that she might be going through sleep regression early as sleep has been a real struggle so I’m really hoping some variation and consistency will help!

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Stitchyfingers Sat 05-Dec-20 08:56:39

I just use things I have. She likes different textures so we play with a muslin cloth/ have an old chiffon scarf we use, different cuddly toys. For sounds she has a couple of rattles that she's starting get hold of, wooden spoon on pot, rainmaker (Pringles can with pasta inside and secured). As PP says black and white or bold colour flash cards are good too. The sensory group i go to have plastic wallets filled with pom poms and rice that are secured with tape which she quite likes. You can put anything in them as long as it can't get out.

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