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Car seats for 3 aged 0,1,3

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Newmummy9 Wed 02-Dec-20 20:25:47

I am due my third baby in March. My eldest will have have literally just turned 3, my second will be 15 months and I’ll have a newborn. How do I fit them all in the car? I drive a Skoda Kodiaq which has two isofix in the back. Any ideas?

At the moment my eldest sits in a Joie 360, my youngest in a maxi cosi and there is just space for an adult to sit between them both definitely not another car seat. What have other people done.

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modgepodge Wed 02-Dec-20 20:55:47

I haven’t experienced this myself but my understanding is you need a bigger car, or to put one child in the front with the airbag off. I don’t think many cars will take 3 car seats across the back.

user1493413286 Wed 02-Dec-20 20:59:46

I’d check the Larger Families board as i think I’ve seen this asked there and there’s been some helpful answers

welshweasel Wed 02-Dec-20 21:05:20

You’ll probably be able to fit 3 across but not using isofix. At those ages I’d want them all rear facing ideally. It will be trial and error so I’d make an appointment at a car seat specialist (not Halfords or similar) and see what they suggest. The In car safety centre may be able to advise over the phone also. Where in the country are you?

Other option is to put one rear facing seat in the front.

Newmummy9 Wed 02-Dec-20 21:14:51

Thanks for all your replies.

I didn’t realise there was a Larger Families board, will see if I can find it.

We’re based near Taunton in Somerset so not sure if there are any specialist car seat centres near here.

Does anyone know how safe it is to put one seat in the front?

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welshweasel Wed 02-Dec-20 21:15:47

It’s very safe to put a rear facing seat in the front (so long as you can turn the airbag off) - it’s arguably the safest place in the car.

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