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Recommendations for a "feeding light"

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ImaSababa Tue 01-Dec-20 16:41:58

I'm currently co-sleeping with EBF DD who is 12 weeks. When I'm latching her on in the night, I use my phone to see what I'm doing. However, the light often startles her, and I'd rather not have my phone so near to her.

I'm looking for a small, dim light that would fit in my hand and be easy to switch on and off. Does such a beast exist??

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wimbler Tue 01-Dec-20 16:59:41

We have this one. It has 3 brightness settings and a colour setting. We used the red setting in my daughters room as a nightlight up until she was 20 months old.

cahoots7 Tue 01-Dec-20 17:22:19

I'd recommend a dimmable lamp. Argos has a few for around £10. I have this one

Superscientist Tue 01-Dec-20 17:30:36

I have a lumie alarm clock which I'm using for feeding. When the alarm is set it slowly turns the light off too.

I had it pre baby as I find it helpful for waking up in the mornings particularly in winter!

honeybun7979 Tue 01-Dec-20 17:37:39

Use red light because it won't stimulate the hormone that causes them to wake, there a plenty on Amazon

Mummydaydreams Tue 01-Dec-20 18:01:58

I used a Himalayan salt lamp for cosleeping as could sleep with it on. It gives a warm cosy glow. Not handheld though.

Sunshine1235 Tue 01-Dec-20 18:07:07

I used red fairy lights. Makes your bedroom look a bit like a brothel though so maybe go with some of the options above

Nat6999 Tue 01-Dec-20 20:23:09

Just buy a smart multi coloured dimmable bulb in your normal light & either Alexa or Google, you can get cheap ones from ikea

addictedtotheflats Tue 01-Dec-20 20:31:03

I also used a salt lamp, was really cosy not very bright as to disturb DS sleeping

coffeeandjuice Tue 01-Dec-20 20:36:53

Gro Lights are brilliant. So easy to use

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