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When to give up dummy? Son is 2 in January.

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frolicmum Tue 01-Dec-20 09:56:58

My son will be 2 at the end of January, he's had a dummy since he was about 3 months old.

He does not have it during the day, it is only for nap time and for the night. He knows where the dummy lives and gives it up on most mornings (every now and then there are a few tears but nothing major). It is a blessing because if he starts crying in his cot, he finds his dummy himself and it calms him right down.

What's the best way to go about it? Is it best to wait until he actually understands and we can tell him? Or just go cold Turkey?

We are having baby number 2 in May, and I want him weaned off by then as I'm worried he's steal the baby's dummy (if baby takes one and if we choose to give one) but in general, he'll almost be 2 1/2 and I do think it's good to get rid of it.

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schafernaker Tue 01-Dec-20 10:19:46

We’ve gone for a very blasé approach with DDs dummy, her little sister appeared when she was about to turn 2 and she’s never once taken her dummy.

DD knows her dummy lives under her pillow in her bedroom. It never leaves and she only has it at sleep time. I don’t really see a problem with it, I’m happy to leave her with it as it’s a comfort to her at night. She only uses it to fall asleep and then it gets spat across the room. Maybe when she’s a little older we will tell her some story about the babies needing it, but she wouldn’t understand right now and I don’t see it as a major issue.

Toilet training on the other hand 🤯

THNG5 Tue 01-Dec-20 10:27:32

We got rid of the dummies when the kids turned 3 (they only had them for sleep from around 18 months). The dummy fairy came one day and took them away and left a gift in exchange (new pyjamas and slippers). I waited until they understood what was going on. It was incredibly easy with both of them as we'd talked it up beforehand.

Charlottejade89 Wed 02-Dec-20 08:13:42

we went cold turkey with dd just after her 2nd birthday. I just threw them out so I couldn't change my mind or back down if she started creating, but she was fine, alot better than I expected. She was abit whi gey and tearful the first night when she went to get her dummy but I told her she wasn't going to be having it anymore because she's a big girl now, but she went to sleep fine. And she's actually slept better than ever without it because if she ever woke in the night it was always because she was looking for her lost dummy so we dont have that any more

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Wed 02-Dec-20 08:28:49

I just threw them away about a week after their 2nd birthday, couple of rough bedtimes and they were never mentioned again. Dd was born about 6 weeks later (is now 11 months) and ds has never taken her dummy

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