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ADHD diagnosis, where to start?

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MrsCringle Mon 30-Nov-20 09:35:04

I’m wondering if anyone could guide me through the initial steps of getting an ADHD diagnosis. Either through the GP or a private assessment, what are the average costs for private?
What treatment is available if you get a diagnosis, preferably non medication?
I have zero experience or knowledge on this, so any information would be gratefully received.

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Pumpkinstace Mon 30-Nov-20 09:36:19

For you, or a child?

Approaching your GP for a referral would be a start.

MrsCringle Mon 30-Nov-20 09:42:42


For you, or a child?

Approaching your GP for a referral would be a start.

Apologies, for a child, 8 years old. Yes, GP is first step, but keen to gather as much information as possible beforehand.

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papaelf Mon 30-Nov-20 09:47:14

Have you spoken to school?

Jemma2907 Mon 30-Nov-20 09:57:04

Have the school spoke with you? My son was assessed bi-weekly within weeks of starting reception. They've decided to halt assessments now due to improvement but I believe they would have made the referral for extra help if they deemed it necessary.

Lollypopsun Mon 30-Nov-20 10:20:45

Speak to the senco at the school they'll be able to put you in touch with the right people.

MummytoCSJH Mon 30-Nov-20 10:50:54

I'll be honest and say that in my experience (my son was diagnosed extremely young as we are a severe case!) unless you have an extremely extraordinary case you'll be hard pressed to find 'treatment' that is not medication as even if there are some there is no funding. Happy to be told I'm wrong directed to support though, god knows I need it. Medication is a fantastic thing though. Usually in young children school have to refer to get anywhere.

MrsCringle Mon 30-Nov-20 21:34:28

The school situation is tricky. One teacher said no when I asked them early on, the next years teacher mentioned it to me but said they thought she was borderline. Nothing become of it so left it. New teacher says she makes ' poor choices' yet nothing actually gets dealt with.
Many family members and friends have suggested she could be, I think I may have been in denial. Not sure if the GP would be willing to see us in the current climate, So looking into private might be our first step, after discussing with the school again.
I just want to get her the support she needs rather than be constantly told off for not concentrating..

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papaelf Mon 30-Nov-20 21:39:24

The school situation is tricky. One teacher said no when I asked them early on,

Said no he doesn't have ADJD or said no to speaking to SENCO? Either way I don't think the class teacher is qualified to make that call.

papaelf Mon 30-Nov-20 21:40:03


CatherineCawood Mon 30-Nov-20 21:45:20

I believe you can self refer to CAMHS. Although you might have more luck if the school or GP does it for you.

I've done the NHS route and the private route (DS NHS and DD and myself private). If you are in the SE I can recommend someone. It is not cheap though you are looking at circa £800 for diagnosis about £70 per month for medication until settled on a medication and dosage whereupon your GP may take over under a shared care agreement. You may also be then needing 2 yearly reviews at £250 per time.

Good luck. Be pushy if you need to be.

MrsRabbitsCleaner Mon 30-Nov-20 21:45:42

Have you done the online assessment questionnaires. They might give you a starting place? I’ve had my dc diagnosed this year age 15. Had to go private and it cost around £1250. I did see lots of people offering diagnosis services much cheaper but I wanted someone recommended personally. Also take a look at CAMHS. You can self refer there as a parent but to get a diagnosis your dc needs to be displaying the traits in more than one setting eg home and school so unless you have school in agreement with you then it might be quite difficult. Do you have other dc and do you think your dd is different to the others if you do?

MrsRabbitsCleaner Mon 30-Nov-20 21:49:20

I would defo talk to school SENCO and be insistent if you really think there’s something there. I got fobbed off every year in primary and it’s taken till lockdown 1 for everyone to see how unable my dc was to manage independent tasks and understand what was being asked etc. It was that exposure of being at home and having to be responsible and failing miserably that finally got school to see what I’ve been saying for years. My dc was very good at masking their issues.

sunshineandshowers40 Sun 06-Dec-20 17:31:32

@CatherineCawood Would you mind if I PM you? I am in the SE and my Eldest has just been referred but is already in Y7.

CatherineCawood Sun 06-Dec-20 18:56:06

Sure no probs, sorry only just seen this.

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