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Concerning smell...

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GlenQuagmire Mon 30-Nov-20 05:55:44

My 7 week old DS has suddenly developed a smelly (cheese like) crotch. We’ve cleaned him with wet wipes in all his creases, change his nappy regularly and give him baths regularly (every other day, I know daily is not good for their skin).

Is this normal? How do we sort it out?


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GlenQuagmire Mon 30-Nov-20 05:57:02

I also massage him with coconut oil but not in his crotch, just his lower tummy and legs

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GlenQuagmire Mon 30-Nov-20 06:06:39

It seems to have started when we stated using a baby sleeping bag for him, could he be getting too hot and sweaty in there? I check his neck and back and they aren’t too hot but he has. A nappy on obviously...

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mummytonicekidz Mon 30-Nov-20 09:01:56

Is his skin red and shiny? Broken skin? Could be a fungal issue. Take baby to the gp for a check up

GlenQuagmire Mon 30-Nov-20 09:16:47

No nothing like that, he’s just smelly! Will make an appointment today, thanks

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LisaLemon Mon 30-Nov-20 09:29:37

Use plain water to clean his creases and stop using the coconut oil on him - it's pore blocking, belongs in a wok and really not necessary on a baby. Check his neck folds too and milk can run down and get trapped there

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