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3 year old and food!!

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musicaljojo Wed 25-Nov-20 22:31:32

Please help because I feel like I’m going to go mad!
My three year old has always been a good eater, not fantastic but he always ate, but just recently he’s driving me mad.
He won’t try anything new declaring it to be yuck even if I put a food I know he likes on the plate and he’s started to turn his nose up at things he used to like, for example he used to love chicken now he will only eat it when it’s a chicken dipper, I’m trying to desperately keep my cool but it is just driving me mad cause he’s always been on the skinny side and I don’t want him to lose weight!
The only foods at the moment he will eat either seem to be beige or pasta, I’ve managed to sneak some veg in him making a veggie sauce and blending it but other than that I’m just like argh!!

Please some reassurance that this is a phase or advice please.

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tigger001 Wed 25-Nov-20 22:44:05

This is sooo stressful, especially when they are on the more petite side.

But you just have to give it to them, no stress or pressure, they eat it or they dont. (Massively easier said than done)

If they dont, then they can have a piece of fruit a bit after or nothing until super depending on your approach

Its a phase that they will most likely just pop out of

Angelbabies4 Wed 25-Nov-20 23:02:06

Hey, I've got a 3 year old too who's been doing the same for about a month or so now. She'll say that's yuck or too spicy even before tasting it. So whilst everyone's sat at the dining table, she'll kick up a fuss about not wanting to eat so everyone ignores her & doesn't give her the satisfaction that we're all going to beg you to eat.. after 5-10 mins of crying n screaming, she calms down n eats herself

If she doesn't eat at the dining table with everyone, I'll leave her for a bit n eventually when she gets hungry, she asks for food herself. She's always been on the skinny side too so not feeding her isn't an option. I just have to work around her with feeding as I can see she is starting to improve a bit so I'd say it's definitely just a phase

Hope he gets better with his food x

INeedNewShoes Wed 25-Nov-20 23:28:01

DD (also 3) has also always been a good eater but recently has got into a bit of a habit of asking me what I'm cooking and then declaring that she doesn't like that.

Every time I just say with as little expression as possible, 'Well I'll put your plate on the table. It's up to you whether you eat it.' So far this is working but I won't be surprised if I meet with more resistance soon!

She's developed a few consistent dislikes (stringy things like spinach) and I will let her leave those on her plate but definitely no pudding if she doesn't eat at least 3/4 of her main course.

user1493413286 Thu 26-Nov-20 06:54:55

My 3 year old is going through this phase; I make sure dinner always includes something she’ll eat (like pasta) so I know she’s eaten something and I’m quite consistent that if she doesn’t eat at least a little bit of chicken or whatever then that’s fine but she won’t be having any snacks when she’s hungry later on. This generally works and if she is actually hungry before bed I’ll give her something plain like crackers. I’ll accept her eating just a little bit and probably push a bit more when I know it’s something she likes and is just making a fuss.
Is he at nursery? I’ve found that if I copy what they’ve given him at nursery it can work sometimes.

ChalkDinosaur Thu 26-Nov-20 07:00:52

Just as an aside to some of these posts - even if your child isn't thin, they would still need to be fed regularly.

OP, I think it's pretty common. My DD is way more fussy that she ever was as a baby/young toodler, especially around the mixing of food. I've found that giving preferred foods alongside things you want them to try works better than a whole meal of more challenging foods.

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