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Gifts for DC

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Mommabear20 Tue 24-Nov-20 19:25:23

When our DD was born we decided to get her a Pandora bracelet and intend to buy her a new charm for each birthday and Christmas until (and including her 18th birthday). We have just found out that we are expecting a second bundle of joy 🥰 obviously if baby is another girl, we will do the same for her but struggling to decide what to do if it's a boy! Suggestions please!!!! Want something we can add to each occasion but that will be suitable for them at age 18

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ivfbeenbusy Tue 24-Nov-20 19:36:28

I've been wondering the same actually....started a charm bracelet for older DD and now having boy and girl twins and stumped as to what we could get our boy which is similar?

We ll probably get a boys leather or silver cuff bracelet of some kind which is wearable when he's older?

What I have considered is finding a brand or specific jewellery designer that does a range of timeless men's jewellery and buying from there as he gets older - so cufflinks, watches, bracelets, st Christopher pendants, silver dog tags etc?

Mommabear20 Tue 24-Nov-20 20:05:37

Oh congratulations!! I'm secretly hoping for twins! (1 of each) too!! Currently only 5 weeks along so we have a bit of a wait for our scan never mind finding out sex of baby!

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