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10 month old sleeping and eating

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Thepepperiswhereyouleftit Tue 24-Nov-20 11:24:06

My DS has started crawling the past week and this has coincided with him waking at 5am-530am and not going back down (despite attempts!) until nap at 9am. Before, he was a 6-630 waker which was manageable.
I'm wondering if with the increase in activity, has come naturally an increase in appetite which I'm missing. We have tried feeding him ff at 5am but he won't go back to sleep!
A typical day sees him have 3 bottles of 7oz at 7am, 12pm and 630pm. He has breakfast for example: Weetabix with milk and fruit. Lunch: A meal similar to ours (cottage pie, pasta, roast) Dinner: A variant of lunch.
I wonder if I should be giving him snacks as well?
We ensure he is getting enough protein at lunch and dinner to keep him full.
So, did or does anyones baby have similar? Did you find once they were on the move more, their sleep was worse as a consequence?

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Fatas Tue 24-Nov-20 12:34:20

I would not give snacks as he will just not eat his dinner. It won't be about keeping him full. It'll probably be developmental reasons as to why he is wide awake. What time is his bedtime?

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 24-Nov-20 13:30:27

Actually at this age I would offer a snack.

The recommended amount of milk at this age is 13.5 floz so how about cutting down on the first bottle of milk and offering more breakfast too?

BoomyBooms Tue 24-Nov-20 14:02:20

They're not meant to need snacks before 1 but tbh its your baby and it's not hurting him or you to try.

Could he be going through a leap? Leap 7 maybe?

I've also heard that overtiredness can make them wake early because of the build up of cortisol so if he's not having 11-12 hours at night could he go down a bit earlier and see if that helps?

Thepepperiswhereyouleftit Tue 24-Nov-20 15:21:48

His bedtime is 7pm. I am hoping it is just developmental. The plan was to drop another bottle next week now he seems to be taking in more solids. May try putting him down before 7 to see if it has been overtiredness. Thanks all.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 24-Nov-20 15:29:06

You might find this guide from the Caroline Walker Trust useful OP. You probably need from page 77 smile

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