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Toddler freaking out at new baby! Help!

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LBB2020 Sun 22-Nov-20 17:33:08

It won’t last!
Our DS was exactly the same, baby is now two months and DS is absolutely fine. Just give your little one time it’s a big adjustment becoming a big brother x

antoinette2017 Sun 22-Nov-20 14:30:09

Feeling frazzled!

Our son is 3 (he was born premature so has a slight speech delay but understands everything and follows instructions so it’s not a concern). He is quite a sensitive wee guy and often gets upset if he sees other children upset or crying.

This was fine and manageable until we had our second - our daughter - two weeks ago.

He gives her kisses and cuddles but absolutely freaks out and melts down when she cries. He sobs his little heart out and needs a lot of comforting and reassuring. Every time. It’s getting worse and even when she makes little squeaks or grunts, he gets quite nervous.

We’ve tried all the obvious things - books about becoming a big brother, keeping them apart, taking him to her when she’s crying and then when she’s better to show she’s ok, rewarding him, comforting, reassuring, telling him it’s baby’s way of talking/singing/saying hello. Baby also brought him a present when she arrived.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Any tips on what worked to help him cope?
Please tell me it won’t last!

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